Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 week 4

Doug came to town for work, and got some fishing in too.  Lauren started a journal for her and Bev.  Bev wanted to add some pictures.  Here is the Huff gang in December 2007.  It makes my heart melt at how little they all were.  In many of the pics from this trip Christian had his tongue out and Jessica didn't seem to want to look at the camera.

I knew it was inevitable, with Mike as their father, that the kids would be introduced to Adam Sandler movies.  Christian is now heard quoting them.  His latest favorite is: "I cain't hear you...I've been physically abused in the ear."

He had some money burning a hole in his pocket, so he and Drew went to the Lego store to get rid of their cash.

Bev and Jess have been busy making all of the crafts she got for her birthday.  Looks like french toast was on the menu for dinner.

Christian, Bev and Drew went with Mike ice fishing with Doug.  Drew said he was considering quitting his fishing career because of the requirement to clean the fish.  Bev said she would do it for him.

It was my mom's birthday, so we gathered to celebrate.

Drew made this card.  He described her perfectly.

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Amanda said...

I just love love that picture of the kids when they were little. They were so cute!!