Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 - week 12

Christian got a paintball gun for his birthday, so he and Drew went out, in what is left of our field, to try it out.

Drew got a crick in his neck at water polo. Jess gave him a massage. She gives really good ones.

Christian was tired after lacrosse, so Jessi set him up a "spa."  She piled up all the throw pillows and blankets, got out his scrapbooks and rubbed his back with lotion. She said it was his birthday present.  Fred sat right next to them.

Christian's birthday dinner happened at 8:00 p.m., after we had finished with lacrosse and soccer. He chose Joes Crab Shack and Tommy joined us.

We sang to him, and he really appreciated it.  This kid is one of a kind.

Bev had to design a room for school.  She does lots of buns these days.  She has so much hair, I worry it will give her a headache.

Leftover balloons from Christian's birthday.

Christian had his penny dip at the Peel's.

Grandma and Grandpa gave him his birthday money.

What's with this new picture pose of his?

Christian adores these two, and the feeling is mutual.  Grandma and Grandpa are some of the best people I know. We are so lucky to still have them around.

Bev, Bailee and Rylee had to make a grape-launcher for science.  They had to design it, which required cutting a few pieces of wood. Mike was gone and I was nervous to use, and let them use the saw, so I used a handsaw.  It took FOREVER. Finally, Bev got the miter saw down, which she is not nervous to use, and cut that wood up like a boss.  The girls worked all Friday evening on this project...they are smart and darling girls.

Mike and the three oldest kids rented an aerator for the weekend. The kids went around to the neighbors to sell the services.  They ended up with so many customers, they had to start Friday night and go until late Saturday night.  They each earned great money.

Christian had his Jones family party.

He got his long-awaited goalie stick.

He didn't wait too long for the family to leave before he stripped down to his underwear, put on his lacrosse jersey and practiced with his new stick.

Poor Bevie has neglected her Accelerated Reading requirements for the term, and the term ends soon, so she is trying to get it finished.  She makes herself read sitting up, out in the public parts of the house because if she reads in bed, she falls asleep.

Another bun, reading in the car.

The grandparents all came to watch her soccer game.

While Mike finished up with the other kids on the aerating, I took Drew to Springville for water polo.

On the way home, we listened to 90's music. This was his face as he listened to and figured out the lyrics to one of the was apparently inappropriate.

"Mom, you listened to this back in your day?"

Charlie's favorite spot is in the planter on the back porch.  He sits there, sleeps there and watches birds from there.  Right after I took this picture, he bolted to chase a bird out of the yard.

We had a few warm days, and Jess enjoyed a rest with Charlie on the patio. She is seen here sporting some sidewalk chalk knees.

I love it when this happens.

It's succulent time!

I finally put up a few Spring decorations.