Friday, September 27, 2013

week 33

We have had some stunning sunsets lately.

On our way to Pack Meeting. I was trying to figure out how to get the tire in my van (for the obstacle course) when Bev said, "I'l just roll it over to the church."  Duh!

A watched pot never boils, unless you are Jessi making her week's worth of hard boiled eggs.

We live in the backyard.  Listening to Christian read How To Train Your Dragon.

I hand washed a pile of laundry, and it is evident which ties belong to which boys.

Christian had been asking Mike to take him fishing, so one night after work, they took off for some father-son (and dog) time.

I got some bad news about my knees--I have arthritis and kneecap problems. The doctor said no more cross fit. I told her I would cry if she told me I had to go to water aerobics with the old ladies. It's not that bad, but I do have to adjust my exercising. My mom loaned me a recumbent bike. The kids like it more than I do. Here Bev is hanging out on it trying to finish Harry Potter book 6.  She set a goal to finish them all by the time school starts.

We spent the afternoon organizing Jessi's bedroom. Organization is a struggle, so she has a bin for everything.

We decided to get in one more day at Seven Peaks, with the traditional stop at Creamery on Ninth.

Drew with Mason and Youtube.

Jones family party for Drew.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

week 32

Fish, cukes from the garden, berries and homemade french fries--it's what's for dinner.

Bev and Christian bought some tiki torches.  I wasn't sure about the fire hazard part of it all, but we have ended up loving them. 

Bev was beyond excited for her first time at girl's camp. Mike was able to go as support for a few days and she loved having her dad there.

Bev was totally in her element.  She loves the outdoors, and loved all of the activities. We got reports back that she had a great attitude and was a good helper.

She is lucky to have such amazing leaders and girls her age.

Bev was at camp and Christian was at school when we got a call from this guy's mom.  Apparently he was missing his brothers, who were all at school, and needed some entertainment. We met them at the park for a morning of fun.

Back to school shopping and she loves mimicking the mannequins.  She knows what kind of clothes she likes, and I heard more than once that certain clothes were not her style or were "kinda babyish."

Drew turned 14. He was the only one home that day, so his breakfast in bed came from McDonald's. 

He picked Brick Oven for his birthday dinner.

Christian mentioned having a hard time seeing the board at school, and said he needs glasses. He wore Mike's at dinner.

Jess and Mike making my avatar on Fashion Story.  

Grilled salmon, asparagus and pita bread--it's what's for dinner.

They started digging the hole for the foundation in the lot next door, so Christian took advantage of the hill for some target shooting. He got out his Red Rider BB Gun, some trash from the recycle bin and his goggles.

Jessi loves "training" Freddy to "sit" and then "come."

Bev made it home safe and sound (and really tired) from camp. She came in, sat on the couch and told me all about it. She then made herself a sandwich and zonked out on the love sac.  She slept for 4 hours.

When she woke up she had a long bath and requested kebabs for dinner.  We spent the evening in the yard.

Jess played with water balloons.

The rest of them played with some bubbles they found.

We are getting a lot of grapes, and they are yummy.

Mike is constantly replacing patches of grass with sod to deal with Freddy's pee spots.  OCD doesn't let one have pee spots in the grass.

We decided that we needed some mums.

Courtney spent the night with the kids, and they made up the cutest dance number.

We got to see precious little Emma again and Christian got to hold her for the first time.

Our home phones had been slowly dying. The batteries stopped holding a charge, so if we were on the phone for longer than a few minutes, the call was over.  This day, I was on the phone with Mike while he was at work.  The call dropped. I called him back on my cell and before I could say anything, he said he would stop at Costco.  Christian and Bev set them up while Jessi gave Fred a Milk Bone.

With all the planting going on around here and the house being build next door, we had some filthy concrete.  Power washing has to be one of my favorite chores. It's sort of therapeutic.