Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eight is Great!

Bev had a great birthday. She wanted chocolate cupcakes.
We got her a bed for Kit--her American Girl Doll.
She got a lot of craft things, Pixos, a lap desk, American Girl books.
Our kids get friend birthday parties every other year starting at six. We had her party at the gym. The kids did rock climbing and swimming. She is lucky to have such good friends.

So, for her birthday the last few years, I take her shopping to Justice. She loves the store. Me, not so much. Every year they send her a coupon and she can't wait to use it. They have some cute things, but I guess the issue is that she is drawn to the things that I am not drawn to. I let her pick whatever outfit she wanted. You can see it in the picture above. It has fingerless gloves and a guitar on the shirt. Camille said it reminded her of Punky Brewster. When I say that she loves this outfit, I mean, she loves it. She wore it to school today and when I went to help her do her hair she announced, "Mom, I am eight now--I can do it myself." I remember doing my hair myself those first few months/years. When I have seen the pictures I have wondered how my mom ever let me leave the house looking that way. Now I know how. Actually Bev did a really good on her ponytails. She is growing up fast.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Want to See This

I am reading this book right now--it's a good read. A nice change of pace from Anna Karenina. I just saw this trailer--it looks great!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What Remains of the Day

Today is Bev's birthday--the big eight! It has been a busy, fun day. I was cleaning up after the festivities and I realized that today was a day full of carbohydrates. Bev had breakfast in bed--I made her cinnamon rolls (well actually Rhodes made them--I just baked them.) We took donuts for her class and then I made cupcakes for her party tonight. This is a picture of pure evil.
Oh and yes, I actually figured out how to put a column on the left side of my blog. This is a major accomplishment for me--you know because of my technological disability. I just wanted more space to fill up with stuff.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can I get a What, What from the Senior Section!

I occasionally catch myself a little Saturday Night Live. This weekend was The Best of Amy Poehler--she's hilarious. They played the Sarah Palin Rap. I loved it the first time--it was even funnier watching it again. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Review

We had a great Easter. I wonder how long I will be able to dress the kids alike--I don't think it will be very much longer. When I showed Andrew his shirt he said, "Um, Mom isn't that like a girl's shirt--it's got a lot of colors." I assured him that it was a boy's shirt. He said, "Well, I think it might be humiliating to wear it." Well, he wore it and liked it--I think.
They loved coloring eggs.
I made them each a big sugar cookie for their Easter baskets--yeah, we don't do the whole Easter bunny thing. They know that we do their baskets. I don't have some philosophical issue with The Bunny him or herself--although I haven't ever seen a life-sized one that doesn't totally creep me out. I think it is just so far-fetched--I never believed it, I guess I don't expect that my kids will either.

Just so ya'll don't think I am totally destroying the magic of my kid's childhood, yes, we do the T.F. and S.C.--I'm down with them--just not the Bunny.
I found a Easter cookie recipe where each ingredient helps tell the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. You put them in the oven and turn it off. The next morning you pull them out and they are hollow--like the tomb was. They didn't taste great, but it was fun making them.

With all the eggs and grass and candy, we have tried to make sure we talk about the real reason for the celebration--this recipe helped do that.
And, of course, the much anticipated egg hunt at Grandma's. Ryan and Natalie always hide the eggs. We love watching them go crazy in the hunt. Afterwards, Grandma sits them all down and evens out the stashes.
I am now removing all traces of Easter treats from the house--I don't need the temptation. I am also keeping busy cleaning up all of that Easter grass. I actually found a piece in my pillowcase.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The family that procrastinates together...

So when they announced the Science Fair way back in December, of course Andrew wanted to participate. He had some pretty cool (although impractical) ideas for his project. Finally one day a few weeks ago he decided that he wanted to find out which bubble gum produced the biggest bubble. We planned it all out, had all of the supplies, did a little of the work.
Last night we did the rest of the work. I never thought I would hear a kid say he was sick of bubble gum. His poor jaws got a workout. He had to test six different gums, and blow 10 bubbles with each gum. He did a lot of work, but the requirements required a lot of parental assistance. At 10:15 last night we were glueing stuff to his display board. Hopefully he learned about the scientific method and not just that Hubba Bubba produces the largest bubbles.

Mike and I actually enjoy doing stuff like this with the kids. I am just glad we have another year before he brings home the fourth grade science fair application.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

As Seen on TV

On this fine, rainy, first day of Spring break the boys are enjoying some cartoons. I am in the study filling out passport applications (we are taking the kids to apply for them today.) Christian yells, "Hey Mom, we gotta get some OxyClean." I remind him that we already have some--I started using OxyClean when Andrew was about his age and became obsessed with it. This advertising brain washing, combined with the, "It will turn your brains to mush," are reasons we limit TV watching in this house.

That Billy Mays hypnotizes kids--making them believe they MUST MAKE PARENT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Because of these advertisements I have purchased the Ped Egg, The Bedazzler and Oxy Clean--all of which have been satisfactory. Bev now wants Pixos for her birthday and I am trying to resist buying ShamWows.

Over the last few months, Christian has become Billy's latest victim. Everyday he informs me of a product we should buy. I always ask him why we need it. I started jotting down some of his responses:

Aqua Globes--"Cause then your plants won't die,"
The Clapper "Cause you don't have to move and you just clap and the lights go out."
Mighty Putty--"Cause it can stick a vase to the wall."
Big City Slider Station--"Cause they're sure to please."
SpinLash--"Cause it spins around and then you look beautiful."
The Snuggie--"Cause it's the blanket that has sleeves."
Barack Obama Gold Plated Quarter--"Cause you like him, right?"
Space Bags--"Cause then your closet won't look so junky."

Looking at that list one would assume I kill plants, am too lazy to get off my duff to turn out the lights, desperately need a makeover and have a junky closet. Thanks a lot Billy Mays.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"It Hurt My Teeth"

I have always been uncomfortable with guns. I think I have shot a gun twice in my life--the last time being when I was 16. I have recently decided that I wanted to make friends with them--not that I am looking to collect an arsenal--I just want to learn and get comfortable with them. My brother Ryan loves guns--I mean he really loves guns. I asked him to teach me how to shoot and we finally did it this weekend between Conference sessions. I mean, there is no better way to spend Conference Saturday than out in nature shooting things up.

My mom watched the kids while my siblings and spouses headed up the canyon. (We missed you Mel and Doug.)

This was the last gun I shot--it is big and gives a big kick back. Shooting it nearly scared me to death.
Ryan was such a good teacher.
Ryan teaching his darling girlfriend Erika. After she shot a rifle for the first time she turned around and said, "It hurt my teeth."
Something I never thought I would see--Camille not only holding a gun, but shooting a gun.
Randy and Mike.
Landon and Natalie.

It was a great time. We are so doing this again.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My New Hobby

I am officially taking a break from reading. (Well, that is until I start up again.) I have read 4 books since January--it is small, but it is my goal to read a book a month this year. The situation is that Anna Karenina just about did me in. I will not go into a long analysis of the long (and sometimes boring) book. I will just say that I am happy to be done with all of those Russians.

Now, I am refocusing on learning digital scrapbooking. I have wanted to learn for a while. I got Photoshop and started taking classes at I am working past some personal issues I have with learning new technology--I tend to get overwhelmed by it all. The tutorials have been super helpful in this process. I have started a few pages, but this is the first one I finished. It is simple, and I will not be disclosing the amount of time I spent on it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's and The Reason to be Five

On this blustery April Fool's Day I concocted an evil prank for my beloved. You see, I have a stash of all the pregnancy tests I took with each child. It sounds wacky, but I took several tests with each pregnancy--I just had to make sure they were accurate. So the plan consisted of me presenting a test to Mike, making a dramatic scene, us discussing the medical mistake that allowed for such an occurance, etc. He called this morning and I, knowing my lack of a poker face and knowing the stress he would experience at the news, just told him about the prank. Interesting, but I think just hearing about the prank caused him stress.

We try going, as a family, to the gym a few times every week. Andrew and Bev love climbing the Rock Wall. One must be five years-old to climb--another reason this recent birthday was the most important thing to ever happen. The day of his birthday he asked to go to the gym and get signed up for Rock Climbing. Mike told me that he did great, but yesterday was my first time to witness The Beast on the wall.

It is not new news that this kid has no fear. What I haven't always noticed was how much perseverance he has. We sat for 15 minutes and watched him try to get to the top of one of the climbs.

Bev on the wall.
Andrew climbing.