Friday, June 27, 2008


So we did several fun things in Maui, but the kids loved the beach. We stayed in Napili and the door to our room was like 30 feet from the beach. The bay is incredible there. Mike liked the snorkeling and the kids loved the waves, water and sand. I kept thinking that they would get tired and want to come in from the water. They never did--we always had to call them in.

Bev collected some shells and got lots of sand in her hair.

Andrew with a hula girl at the luau. Mike had to get his picture taken with her first for Andrew to want to do it. I would post that other picture, but it is kind of creepy--some Dad getting his pic taken with a hula girl.
The kids favorite part of the water was being pulled to shore by the waves.

Every morning Bev found a flower on the ground and wore it over her ear.

The fam at the Iao Needle.

We loved touring around in the convertible. Andrew played his ukelele as we drove around and the weather was perfect--not to hot and never cold.
Bev with the hula girls.

My favorite picture of the trip--we had a full rainbow. It has been years since I have seen a full one.

I made an attempt at some artsy photography.

We had a great time. A&B are at great ages to take to Hawaii. They did great at snorkeling--we saw sea turtles, eels, lots of beautiful fish, and a reef shark. We loved the hotel we stayed at--very family-friendly and no televisions. I loved swimming in the ocean--the water was perfect. Mike spent a lot of time snorkeling in the bay. He got pushed into a reef by the water and hit a sea urchin. I got to remove them--some were very deep.

It was a great trip. We missed C&J, but it was really nice spending time with A&B. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the little ones. Now, back to packing. We have a lot to do this weekend. We are moving into the apartment, getting the rest of our stuff moved into storage and getting our house clean. It was nice having such a wonderful vacation right before the craziness of this weekend.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aloha From Paradise

Today my blog title seems particularly appropriate--it really is another day in paradise for us. Mike earned a trip to Maui for work. We decided to surprise Andrew and Beverly and take them with us. I am such a kid--I was more excited about the surprise than I was about the actual trip. We told Andrew and Bev a few days before we left. Both of them instantly got concerned about leaving Christian and Jessica behind. We assured them that C&J would have a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. (We have found that it is probably best if we don't actually talk to Kiki. He tends to get sad.)

So far the trip has been fabulous. It has been a blast to spend time with A&B. They LOVE the ocean. They would stay there all day if we let them. This is their first experience with an ocean beach and they are having a blast.

We went to a luau last night and Bev got the lei she has been talking about. The kids were a little disappointed--they had in their minds that we would be doing the limbo at the luau. The kids thought the coconut bras the hula dancers wore were funny, and they didn't like seeing the whole cooked pig. We were seated with a bunch of other people when they showed the pig and Andrew started making puking sounds and Bev said, "no way--I'm not eating that."

The hotel is right on the beach. I am sitting on the lanai right now listening to the waves. We are going on a snorkeling excursion tomorrow. We miss everyone. The only thing that would make this better is if ya'll were here too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Mike spent Father's Day Eve camping out in the backyard with the kids. I stayed inside, and I kept waking up wondering when one of the kids would join me inside. They all stayed the night out there. I appreciate that he always takes the time to do little things like this with the kids--they each have a close relationship with him because of it. Happy Father's Day! We love you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everyone Naps When Dad is Home

Mike will say that it is because I am a pushover, but the kids don't nap much when I put them to "rest-time." However, when he sends them to rest-time they almost always nap. I just took these pictures. Mike took the kids swimming while I packed, so I think they were exhausted from swimming.

Poor Christian--this does not look comfortable. He is like Andrew--he sleeps with lots of stuff around him.
Andrew likes to be bundled up.
The girls sleep really close to each other.
I have become a blog-slacker--illness combined with packing/de-junking has taken all of my spare time. We have a lot to do because Mike and I are leaving for Maui on Friday. We get back the following week and then we have to be totally moved out 3 days later. We will be moving into an apartment because we are unable to rent back from the buyers. Living in a 2 bedroom apartment is going to be an adventure. Our new home should be done by the end of July or sometime in August.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Update

I am back among the living. I have been sick all week--it really took me out. I haven't slept well, and apparently neither have some of my family members. Last night Christian ended up in our bed. This morning he declared, "Mom, you're a beast." I asked, "why?" He said, "Because you snored so loud it woke me up and scared me."

We have had a lot going on this week. School is out, so all the kids are home. I have to say that I like it when they are all home. (That is until I hear how bored they are.) They will have a short summer break this year because they start year-round school the end of July.

Christian loved preschool with Miss Margaret. She has such a wonderful way with little kids. He loved the Dinosaur Song, picking out treats for the treat bucket (always apples from Harmons,) and carrying his Nemo backpack.

We had great teachers this year. Mrs. Schwerdt with Bev.
Andrew with Mrs. Willahan. The kids were so blessed to have such wonderful, caring, competent teachers this year.

Andrew and Bev were bussed this year while their school was being rebuilt. Overall, it was a really good school year. They have both grown so much. I have to remember to cherish the ages they are at, because time flies.

We have done a lot of packing and some moving this last week. Our house closed and we have to be out the end of the month. I am not allowing myself to feel overwhelmed. I am doing a little at a time so that we can still do fun summer stuff with the kids. Now, back to packing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This One is for Sean

My brother-in-law was recently hit while riding his bike. I don't know if the guy that hit him was talking on a cell phone, but I think this provides a good reminder for all of us that use our phones while driving.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Andrew and Bev have been begging to do a yard sale. They went through their toys and we put some stuff out that we were going to take to D.I. Andrew did a good job at greeting people, calling friends to come and buy stuff, and acting as cashier.
Andrew made the Yard Sale sign.
Bev made the Lemonade sign. They also sold Swedish Fish and Laffy Taffy. Thanks to our friends who came to support our kids--sorry you have more junk now.