Wednesday, November 23, 2011

no bully zone

Poor Mama had to go to the vet to take care of her scratching problem. After needing all of the kids' help to catch her, we finally got her in the cat carrier. We left her there for a few minutes, and then this happened.

We adore Tiger, but she is not the nicest kitty to Mama. When Christian saw her perched on top of the carrier, he said, "Tiger, don't be a bully."

We are still working on helping Mama fit into non-feral society. She is a sweet cat.

Monday, November 14, 2011

dueling pianos

Drew started taking piano lessons when he turned eight. Bev was too excited to wait, so she started a few months before she turned eight. That makes four years for him and three for her. Mike and I are amazed at how well they are doing. We both love having the sound of their practicing in our home.

Last week, Bev and Jessi were snooping around in the basement and found the keyboard. My in-laws gave it to me shortly after Mike and I got married. Once we got a real piano, I thought we would not have need for the keyboard. But, every few months, the kids get interested in it again. It is now in the family room.

Andrew was in the piano room and Bev was in the family room playing at the same time.

Most days when Mike gets home from work, one of them is practicing. He is always so good to acknowledge them and tell them how much he enjoys their playing.

I had a friend ask me recently if my kids ever wanted to quit. Bev says that she will never quit. Drew has asked how long he "has" to do piano. Every few months, I have to think about how to keep him motivated. For now, my sad story of how I quit at age 13 and regret it is working. So is the fact that "piano" is one item on their chore charts--and they get their allowance based on their chore charts. Also, I have told them that piano is required in our family--if they want to do other activities like football or soccer, then they do piano too. It also helps that they really like their teacher, Katie.

I think their biggest motivator is seeing their own progress.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

phone photos

Here are a few of the pictures I had on my phone.

The girls after tumbling, sharing a Slurpee at Drew's football practice.

I left the front door open and when I turned around Mama Cat was sitting on the stairs looking outside. She occasionally goes to the door, but never goes out. I think she is thinking, "been there, done that."

Jessi and I waited for Drew to finish football practice. I often get makeovers during our wait time in the car. This day, I got a manicure.

Jessi finished tumbling, then waited in the car with me while Bev had tumbling. I listened to her read Fancy Nancy.

I apparently fell asleep while listening, and she apparently documented it.

On our way home from Baby Mason's blessing on Sunday, we passed this car. The entire back seat and front passenger seat were stacked almost to the ceiling with papers and files.

The night of the trunk-or-treat, Bev accompanied Mike to the Utah football blackout game. She got some fancy face painting, wait for it, with a "U" on it.

I snapped a pic of Jessi during parent observation day at tumbling.

After the trunk-or-treat, we went to Target. Jessi spent her allowance on makeup.

Christian spent his on Pokemon cards.

But, before he could make his decision he needed some advice from his big brother.

While I ran the projector at the Meet the Masters assembly, big brother let Jessi sleep on his lap.

At the beginning of October, we went to Target to look for costumes. Bev tried on the hot dog.

Christian tried on several masks. I discouraged the devil.

Jessi brought this costume to me and said, "Mommy, you should get this one." In Mike's dreams.

Jessi went from wanting this blonde wig and a princess dress

to choosing the genie. She seemed disappointed when I told her she would need to wear a shirt underneath.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

footie jammies

When Bev got her pj's for Halloween, the other kids all decided they wanted them. It reminds me of when they were all little. I loved getting them bathed, putting baby lotion on them and getting them in their footie jammies.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

Sometime before Halloween, we were shopping and saw some spooky decorations. The kids commented that, "Mom doesn't like Halloween." They are a little bit correct. I don't like the gore and evil stuff. I bought a life-sized skeleton for the stairs. His eyes creeped me out a little bit, so I put some shades on him.

Andrew is there with me. We went to the Halloween store and he stayed in the car. He said, "Some people just take Halloween too far."

I let the kids have a party. We made root beer.

and slime...

and decorated cupcakes.

Our neighborhood had a trunk-or-treat because, you know, there wasn't going to be enough candy collected on Halloween night.

The Sunday before, while on our hike, we collected sticks (thanks Julie) that would become wands. I am the room mom for Christian's class and I decided on a Harry Potter party theme.

The kids helped a little with pocket knives.

Mike got out the saw and Dremmel.

I finished them up with sand paper. Then I stained them and sprayed them with poly.

I told Mike that we should go into business.

We made 30, but I only got a picture of the ones we kept.

I made a sorting hat. (Thanks Amanda.)

Mike had a busy day at work, but drove for a half hour to get to the kids school parade. He walked in just as the girls walked by. He wanted them to see him see them. 10 minutes at the parade and an hour drive round-trip. He's a good dad.

Christian was Harry for the school parade and party.

Jessi helped make the kids Harry glasses.

The girls are off track, so they went with me to Andrew's class party. The kids did a spook alley. Andrew was the head on the platter.

I checked the boys out early and we did our annual trip to Mike's work. We then had a visit with Grandma and Grandpa.

We had to get Bev home because she had a trick-or-treating date set up with her friends.

The weather was great, so they were all out from about 6 until 8:30.

Christian made the change from Harry to a ninja (with a lightening bolt scar on his head.)

Jessi was a genie.

Bev and her friends were triplets.

Sorting and trading the loot.

We grew 24 pumpkins this year. We didn't carve any of them.

Jessi wore these vampire teeth until they cut her gums.

I am Halloweened out.