Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Week in the Life: Sunday

Sisters in their matching church clothes.
Andrew is obsessed with reading lately. He was sent to put his shoes on. He put them on and then stood, waiting for us to leave.
Christian got sparring gear, and was excited to test it out on Dad.
Strawberries are not going to be around much longer. I made the kids a strawberry shake.
On Sunday, we do our weekly family meeting. We look at the kid's charts, give them allowance, help them sort their money into tithing, savings, mission and spending. We talk about their goals for the upcoming week. Andrew cares a lot about earning money. He is very responsible with it. He is also very generous with his money.
Christian is just starting to care about earning and saving his money.
Jessica just likes to dump her money out of her Minnie bank and put it back in the slot.
Bev has not cared much about earning money. Recently, however, she is motivated to save. The motivation is a High School Musical lamp she saw at Walmart.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Week in the Life: Saturday

Saturday was a busy day. It started with karate testing.

Out of order--we ended the day by going with our friends and their families to High School Musical 3. It was really good, although I think the outfits on the girls get shorter with each movie.
During the day, I hosted my sister Natalie's bridal shower.
Bev helped out and enjoyed the chocolate fountain.

A Week in the Life: Friday

Friday Kiki and Jess were my little shopping buddies. We had a lot of errands to run for the shower. Here they are at Target.

A Week in the Life: Thursday

Thursday I actually had a few hours free so I sewed Jessica's "Jedi Girl" costume. (Picture below.)

Andrew at the piano recital. He is Luke Skywalker.
Bev at the recital. She is Princess Leia.

A week in the Life: Wednesday

So, I did journal and take lots of pictures. I just got busy and didn't post it.

Kiki loves swords and "pretend fighting." Here he was "pretend fighting" me.
The kids will watch the landscapers almost all day long--especially when they use the big, loud machines.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Week in the Life: Tuesday

7:30 Wake up
Andrew and Bev get ready for school.
Breakfast (Cheerios and bananas)
Check their backpacks.
8:00 Christian and Jess wake up.
8:10 Family prayers. Mike calls his cell phone to find it.
Andrew and Bev leave for school with Mike.

I put Jessica in the tub.
I shower, and we all three get ready.
I pack snack boxes for preschool.
Breakfast for Christian and Jess.
I clean off the kitchen desk.

8:50 Leave for preschool.
9:00 Drop the kids off at preschool.

9:15 I arrive to volunteer in Andrew’s class.
I help with a watercolor art project.
10:30 I leave the school and run errands.
I pick up donuts for the landscapers.
Make return of window shades to Lowes.
Purchase key hook and picture hangers.

11:30 Pick up kids from preschool.

12:00 We get home and have lunch (pb&j’s, cheetoes and apples.)
I have chicken and salsa.
Clean kitchen and do a load of laundry.
1:00 Read Ensign article and look at internet.
I look at blogs, post my blog, read Tribune on-line.
Jess and Kiki play with pipe cleaners and then watch Ella Enchanted (our latest favorite show.)

Christian makes pictures and writes his name on paper. He then takes them out to the mailbox for Bev and Daddy to pick up.
They finished the front patio pavers.

3:00 Get ready to leave.
3:30 Pick up kids from school.
Drive to meet Mike off the freeway.
He takes Andrew and Bev to piano lessons.
4:00 I meet Mom, Camille and Natalie for her wedding dress fitting.
We shop for shoes, frames and flowers for the girls’ dresses.
We have dinner at Pei Wei.
(Mike took kids to piano, then home for baths, homework and dinner.)

Natalie and Camille and Max.
Me and my mom.

8:00 I get home. Mike helps Andrew with his karate.

Bev teaches Kiki how to draw a bunny.
Help the kids finish homework.
Family prayers.
9:00 Snuggles and stories with Christian and Jessica.
Tuck in Andrew and Beverly

9:30 Watch Results show of Dancing with the Stars with Mike on Tivo.11:00 Go to bed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Week in the Life

I am a scrapbooker--a scrapbooker that is behind, but a scrapbooker nonetheless. I like the hobby because it allows me to be creative and it helps me document our lives. I occasionally read a scrapbooking blog. The woman encouraged people to document one week in their lives with pictures and journaling. I have been thinking about doing it for a few weeks now, and yesterday morning I decided that this is the week. I think I kept waiting for a week when my house was perfectly clean, when we had a "normal"schedule, when we had a week worth documenting. Instead of waiting to do it "perfectly," I am just going to do it.

The idea is for me to take a lot of pictures--I will not put them all here--and to document as much about this week as I can. Here goes.

A Week in the Life: Monday

10:00 am Christian and Jess having breakfast and coloring.

10:05 Time to get ready. Mike made his side of the bed. He usually makes mine too.

Christian's art work. He taped it on the wall by our bed.

The laundry to be folded. I just did 2 hours of laundry and folding and putting away last night and by 10 in the morning there are 2 more baskets.

10:15 Calling the kids to come up and get ready for the day.


Christian acted as photographer. Doing Jessica's hair.

11:00 Someone needed a time-out.

1:00 Running errands. Chrisitian dressed himself today. The time-out was because he didn't want to wear socks with the cowboy boots. He threw the socks at me when I gave them to him. So here we are going into Joann's to buy fabric for Jessica's halloween costume.

6:30 The kids and I headed south for Great-Grandpa's 90th birthday party.
7:30 Back at Grandma's Andrew played with and fed Baby Max.

9:00 We got home and the little kids went to bed. Andrew had math facts to practice.

9:30 Bev in bed. Andrew was supposed to be too. I went downstairs to find him watching the last of the Broncos game with Mike.

Bev and I hung her flower letter cards in her room.
Once the kids were all in bed, Mike and I watched Dancing with the Stars on Tivo and then went to bed.