Saturday, November 30, 2013

week 39

Because of my involvement with the Bond, I was asked if my kids could be in some photos for the website.  They were happy to get out of class for the photo shoot.

We were initially caring for Blackie because when they did the surgery to neuter him, he was apparently not mature enough and they couldn't find the parts needed for the neutering.  After a month, we took him back for his surgery.  Afterward we got a call asking us to care for Blackie until he is recovered and could be placed for adoption.  I wasn't going to go get him because he is so sweet and we love him and we really don't need another pet and the longer we have him at our house the more we love him.  While there, we took a walk through Kitty City and discovered that there are lots of black cats not being adopted, and Blackie would just be another one.

Bev studying with Tiger nearby...always near her girl.

We went with some friends to Hale Center Theater to see Tarzan. It was great, and the girls were especially fond of Tarzan.

She looked so cute reading her elephant book.  I tried to snag a photo and was given the hand.

Drew is in honors math, and so is Bev. They are learning the same things, so Mike is able to kill two birds with one stone during homework time.  Yes, we wait till Dad gets home for math support. I keep thinking that I should sit in one of the study sessions, but it makes my brain hurt.

Apparently it's hurting Drew's brain too.

Christian is off track, so Camille and I took the boys to a bounce place. We left with a bunch of sweaty, tired boys.

Mike took Bev to the whiteout game at BYU.  They got the obligatory cougar tail donut.

Mike standing behind the goal, giving the goalie some advice.

Blackie loves Mike, and Mike loves him back.  I don't think Blackie is going back to the Humane Society.

The kids have decided to begin collecting cans for money. Once the box gets full, they dump them out and smash them.

Sunday night, and we had some of our favorite people over for grilled pizza. We also had a fun discussion about the pronunciation of Snuffleupagus, you know, Snuffie from Sesame Street.

We love this girl and are sad that she is going back to China in a few months. We have to get as much time with her as we can.

Friday, November 29, 2013

week 38

We broke our no-tv-Monday-through-Thursday-when-school-is-in-session rule for the finale of America's Got Talent. As we were watching, the boys got bored with some of the special musical numbers, and started wrestling. I can handle a certain amount of their wrestling, but at some point, when it gets too intense, I call it quits.  I paused the tv and said, "stop the wrestling, you guys are acting like you live in a zoo." Then I looked around.  I was holding one of the kittens. Jessi had the other one. Freddy was hanging out, keeping his distance from the wrestling boys. Tiger was up in her perch, observing the whole fiasco.  I realized that they sort of live in a zoo.

We are reading Wonder as a family.  Christian found an old binki, so he tried it out, while wearing his fedora.  He only likes wearing his "skivvies" to bed.  We passed around the kittens while we read.

Then Jessi read me some more Junie B.

Looking for an after school snack.

Amanda and I, along with our husbands, took these girls to the SL temple to do baptisms.  It was an early, and great morning.

It's that time of year when everyone needs new shoes. Christian is especially hard on his and goes through them quickly.

Jessi running her heart out at the PTA fun run.

We had Brittany and family over for dinner. These girls grew up together. We miss living close by.

The BYU vs. Utah football game brought out the family rivalry.  The boys got out all of their team gear.

Drew had to do a report on a country where Spanish is spoken. He chose Spain and worked on it at Grandma's house after Sunday dinner.

The finished product.

catching up...

On this Black Friday, I am spending some time getting this blog caught up.  I have still been taking a picture every day, I just haven't had time to get them organized and blogged. I will be updating a week every day to get caught up.