Wednesday, July 23, 2014

week 29

Bev got this picture of Klepto…in the outdoors, which he loves, with his tongue out.  We adore him.

She also took lots of pictures of our flowers.

I got to go with Jessi to camp.  She loved it.

We did row boats and hiking and archery.

She bought a scorpion in a sucker. It was gross and she didn't eat it.

Christian set up a tent, slept in it, then took it down the next day…all by himself.  He is very independent.  He is growing up too fast.

The next night he set up the larger tent and had cousins over for a sleep out.

Charlie perched on the tent.

All of these early morning practices are killing him.  He is taking so many naps.

These two had tournaments this weekend. Thankfully most of the games didn't overlap so we could get to most of them.  I love to watch them play.

Christian took a few pics of Bev's first game with her new team.

Every kid should have nieces like Katie and Courtney.  They have always been so amazing to the kids. They took the girls on a sleepover where they watched movies, had popcorn, did hair and nails and had crepes.

Drew's water polo tournament:

While I was at dinner with some friends, Mike helped Jessi make a toolbox like we made in Cub Scouts.  She loved using the power tools.

The microwave died, so we went shopping for one.  On the way out the kids tried out the mattresses.

Christian helped Mike install the new microwave and then wanted to be the first to use it after church.

Bev sometimes chooses to sleep upstairs in Jessi's room.  Tiger is always with her girl.

Bev did Jessi's makeup for church.  I told her it was a once-in-a-while thing.

Jessi with her freshly relaxed hair.  She loves that it is getting longer, and that it wiggles.

After church and Jess wanted a music CD for her room.  It drives Mike nuts that Jess climbs behind me and does my hair while I am on the computer.  I love it.  Looks like we just finished an episode of The Middle--our latest favorite show.

I was looking for Mary Poppins, and ended up organizing the dvds. Tiger took over one of the shelves.

We cannot get enough of the salsa and cut up pineapple from Harmon's.  Seriously, I go several times a week just for pineapple.  We are also eating lots of corn-on-the-cob and shaved ice.