Friday, May 17, 2013

week 18

Oh, week 18, you almost killed me.  You were full of projects, late nights and lots of to-do's.  It was the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, work on Bev's new room, finishing up Meet the Masters, soccer games out of town and the State JV water polo tournament.

Bev started yet another project--a rag rug.  Whenever she is up to something, Tiger is right in her business.  Here she is sitting on the fabric.  Every time Bev needed more fabric, she had to pick up Tiger and move her off.  Then, Tiger went right back and sat on the pile.  That Tiger is so adored (by a few of us.)

Her first time putting on makeup on the road.

I told Mike that I didn't know how I was going to get everything done, and that I had promised Christian I would go on his field trip to Tracy Aviary.  Mike rescued me again from my having overcommitted myself and went on the field trip.

Bev had her final orchestra concert.  The sixth-graders got to perform a solo or duet.  She chose to do a duet with Kelsey.  They did a great job, especially considering they both started playing this winter.

Mike stopped for doughnuts to take in to work and got some for the kids.  We pulled Christian out of class to watch the concert, and he quietly ate his treat during the concert.

Jess is the resident dog groomer.  The only issues I have with Freddy are his drooling and his hair.  That pile is what she got after just one brushing.

Every week, Christian and Mike do Grandma and Grandpa's yard.  Christian has even picked up another job doing their neighbors' grass.  Mike got Christian his own green edger.  I don't think most kids would be this excited about having their own edger, but he sure is.  He talks about, when he's in college, getting a truck and lawn-mowing equipment and doing yards as a job.  He is so much like his father--planning and working hard.

Mike helping me get the taco-nacho bar ready for Bev's birthday party.

He was also in charge of the games.

She is so lucky to have such good friends.

I was in charge of the craft and cupcake decorating.

She wanted red velvet cupcakes--her favorite.  This was the first time we made them and I was shocked at just how much food coloring they require.  We will only be making them once a year.  (Side story:  When she was little, I made her a ladybug cake and I used so much red food coloring in the icing, over the next few days, several people in my family thought they had some sort of medical issue because their you-know-what was red.)

Their finished projects.

Mike made paella for the Huff party.

And, we opted for white cupcakes.

We also celebrated Grandpa Huff's birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa Huff gave her "hot buns."

These cute boys' mom made her an adorable bouquet of flowers with the stems wrapped in money.

Christian brought this home from school.  
Favorite musical performer:  Bon Jove
Favorite song by him: Living on a prayer
Why do you like him? Because he's a good singer.
When do you listen to him?  When I am running.
What would you do if you met him?  If I met him I would ask for his otograf.

Teacher Appreciation Week continues.  The class helped me make a candy bar card.

I made some banners.

And took a class picture.

I made some extra birthday cupcakes for the kids' teachers and office staff.  Thank you Pinterest for helping me figure out how to package them.

Monday, May 13, 2013

week 17

Last week of the girls off-track time and they have been enjoying a Harry Potter marathon.  Whenever it gets scary, Jessi snuggles up to Bev.

Bev chose Panda Express for her birthday dinner--a big change from her usual choice--Mexican.

Mike ran to the store before work to get cinnamon rolls for the birthday girl for breakfast.

Christian wanted to start riding his bike to school.  We are strict on bike safety around these parts.  As I was reminding him of the rules, I had this feeling that he wasn't really hearing me, so, I decided a little spying was in order.  I watched him leave the neighborhood and then followed him home from school, and I did not like what I saw.  Little Man is now grounded from his bike.

The bedroom is almost done.  The headboard turned out exactly how we planned, and Bev is mostly sleeping there.  Every once in a while, she opts for sleeping in the extra bunkbed in Jessi's room, but she is thoroughly enjoying having her own space.

Mike was in charge of the soccer-related gifts, and he did pretty darn good.  Orange and aqua are her favorite colors.

Drew played in a water polo tournament.

Bev took birthday cupcakes to her last Activity Days.

She now gets to wear makeup--mascara, eyeshadow and lip gloss.  She has the longest eyelashes, lucky girl.

Drew had another scout campout.  He came home, had a bath and then slept for a few hours.

I think we have officially reached the point I have been dreading--Bev doesn't want to match Jessi anymore.  Boo!  I got them matching Easter dresses, and Bev wanted hers to be different from Jessi's, and doesn't want to wear them on the same day.

I got Bev a charm bracelet for her birthday.  It says "be-you-tiful."

Jones party and cute cousins.

Christian with Grandma and Grandpa Peel.

Bev with Grandma and Grandpa Peel.  I had so much fun chatting, I failed to get many pictures of the event.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

week 14

April begins my soda-free month.  It's hard to say goodbye, but I need to face my addiction.

I love driving up to my house and see all the tulips in bloom--pure happiness.  I actually think the world would be a happier place if tulips bloomed year-round.

Picking up Christian at lacross practice.  He loves it.

I can't wait to watch it again, this time with the kids--we just have to find a free evening.

The Young Women sidewalk-chalked our driveway for Bev's upcoming birthday.  She turns 12 and begins Young Women's.  I am so excited for her.  She will be with a group of amazing young women.

I love to watch this kid play.

Bev's next project--magic duct tape wallets.

We spent the Saturday evening Priesthood session in Spanish Fork.  It's tradition.

Christian had been asking about getting a briefcase--not sure why?  My mom overheard him talking about it and offered him her old one.  He uses it for his Pokemon stuff.  He even mentioned the possibility of taking it to school or church sometime.

I love General Conference.  It's a time to get a few things done at home while hearing some great talks.  Mike and the kids went to visit Grandma and Grandpa while I worked on the headboard.

The kids built their traditional forts.

Christian had to do a book report on a biography.  He picked Abe Lincoln.  I helped with the report.

Mike helped him with the poster.

It turned out so great.  They used pennies for the buttons.

Jessi has started the Magic Treehouse books and she is breezing through them.  She has become such a good reader.