Thursday, June 26, 2014

week 24

I really do have good kids. They are normal kids and sometimes bicker, but then there are plenty of these moments when they are all playing, happily together.  I am a lucky mom.

Monday, I felt like an airport shuttle service.  I picked up my parents from a three-week trip to China and then later took Mike for his trip to Alaska.

Some pics from Mike's phone from his trip:

He stayed part of the time with his brother Ben, who lives there, and part of the time with our brother-in-law Doug, who was there working/fishing.

Mike and Ben

Mike and Doug.

Doug's aunt and uncle let them stay there part of the time, and prepare the fish to be frozen and sent home.

He never does things like that by himself, so I was happy he did.  I was also happy to have him come home.

I went with Jessi on her field trip to Tracy Aviary.  It was a beautiful day, and the bus ride was loud.

Following the field trip, I stopped by my local Maverik for a Diet Pepsi.  I was apparently so worn out that I did a bad parking job--I just pulled in and then didn't have the energy to repack.  I snapped a pic to send to Mike.  While he was gone we communicated via pics and texts.

Pack meeting was a water fight. One kid kept squirting me and other parents.  Christian noticed and told me that he was going to avenge me.  He then doused the kid with his super water gun.

Bev came to help me with field day.  Since being out of school she has helped me so much in my upcoming new role as PTA president.  She is my little PTA president-in-training.

Our "usie" (Christian's word for a selfie with more than one person) that we sent to Mike one night.  While he was gone, Bev slept with me.  Most nights the rest of the gang joined us too.

Christian is doing his fourth grade county report on Box Elder County, so we took a road trip there.  We stopped in Brigham City and had lunch at Peach City.

We saw two museums and the County Courthouse.

Then we drove, to the middle of nowhere, to find Promontory Summit and the site of the Golden Spike.  But…I failed to check my gas until we were well on our way. I really think we could have made it, but I didn't want to risk it.  I called and found some really nice people at a gas station to bring us some gas.  Really. Nice. People.  We pulled into the site just a few minutes before four, when the trains would move.

We learned all about the Wedding of the Rails and got to see the replica Jupiter and the 119 on the rails.

We stopped for more gas and in a moment of weakness I let the kids pick out anything they wanted.  This was the most interesting pick.

Pretending we are in Hawaii and having some shaved ice.

Father's Day, and Mike was coming home.  Bev made breakfast while I went to the airport.

Saturday Drew went with his water polo team to Seven Peaks.  He forgot my instructions to apply sunscreen.  He was there for eight hours.  He has been absolutely miserable.  It is the worst sunburn I have seen.

Mike making room for the salmon he brought home.

Christian bought himself a tie pin of the Golden Spike trains and a pocket watch.  He sported them both for church.

One of Mike's Father's Day gifts was us getting the yard completely done.  I love dirt. I don't love what it does to my fingernails.  Yes, I own gloves, but I always fail to use them.

I always let the kids pick the melons--I don't know the secret and they seem to do well.

Monday, June 23, 2014

week 25

Bev had a 24-hour bug and Tiger wouldn't leave her side.

Mike didn't even change after work before starting the grill because we were all so excited to try some fresh Alaskan salmon.

 Hanging with the babies after dinner, looking at clouds.

Bev is always baking something.  Today it was chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes.

Fourth grade county report and Christian chose Box Elder, just like Drew and Bev did.  He had to make a float and a poster.  We had all three weeks off track to do it, but of course we were finishing it up the night before.  I hate that I am teaching my kids about procrastination.

He recreated the Wedding of the Rails with some Thomas trains, making them into the Jupiter and the 119.

It was also Christian's field trip to the Natural History Museum.

Bev babysat these two guys.  They did play doh in the backyard.

I am still sick over Drew's sunburn.  He can at least wear a shirt.  Let this be a cautionary tale to him and anyone else who wants to forego the sunscreen.

We hosted a street party.  I love that Bev uses her old easel for the party sign.

We had kids here until midnight playing night games and then mafia.

Christian got the bikes all ready for the kids, lined up according to age.  He checked the tires and hung the helmets on the handlebars.  The kids rode bikes and Mike ran to his brother's house for the family Father's Day party.

 Hanging with Katie.

I made it home before Mike and the kids, so I fixed myself a Diet Pepsi with ice and waited with Charlie on the front steps for them to come home.  I don't think I can mention enough how much we love this cat.  He is sweet and energetic and cuddly.