Thursday, June 19, 2014

week 23

This week started with an impromptu headstand contest for Family Home Evening.  The rest of us don't do headstands, so we watched as Mike and Jess battled.  They went over five minutes, and then Jess won. 

Christian is off track and so there is plenty of slugging going on.  He and Drew are into Undercover Boss.

Charlie says "Vote for Susan for School Board."

Jessi is going back to dance, and had tryouts this week.  Yes, we are adding yet another activity to the schedule.

For Cub Scouts we did a bike ride and a bike course.  I fixed three broken chains.  It had been DECADES since I fixed a bike chain.  It took me back to my childhood.

Drew had to make a bottle rocket for school.


Last day of school for the middle-schoolers. (I insist on taking first and last day pics in the front yard with the good lighting/bright sun.  I didn't get one picture where they both had their eyes open.)

After school on the last day of school.  I love these teenagers and I am so excited to have them home.

I had finally had it with my phone charger being stolen for other phones and Kindles, so in a moment of frustration I ordered six of them.

Thursday we actually had a night without any commitments so I got out the saw and went to town pruning trees.

The yard was covered in branches and leaves.  I hate getting rid of such pretty branches, but I had waited too long as it was.  Mike was shocked at the massacre.

I saw some strawberries at a great price, so decided that I was going to make jam.  It has been a while since I made jam, and I had forgotten how much work it is.  I also forgot to use a big pot.

I made 37 pints.  It is so yummy.

Emma turned one, and her parents threw the cutest party for her.  Jess and Mason.

The birthday girl.

This kid is a hoot.

We love these two kids.

We took the kids to brunch at La Caille.  It is so fun watching them experience fancy things.

We saw some baby ducks.

This peacock had a baby.

I finally got two sewing projects done that had been waiting on the "to-do" list.  I made a table runner and curtains for Bev's room.

These two decided to sleep out on the trampoline.  Mike had Fred sleep out with them, but that only lasted an hour.  He likes being in the house with us, and started barking at any noise he heard.  Mike locked the gates because I am a nervous nelly.  They stayed the whole night out there.

All the time Mike spends in the yard (and the time I spend buying new plants) earned us the Yard of the Month award.

Pretty pot.

When I luck out and get a slushy Diet Pepsi, I just know it's going to be a good day.

 Mike giving Kiki pointers on his lawn-moving job.

Jess likes "training" Freddy.  He is such a sweet old boy.  Also photographed are the pee spots in the grass which are the bane of Mike's existence.

I gave Bev this bracelet for her birthday--it has a puppy, a cat and a soccer ball.

Bev looking at my now two planners during church--the one that ends in June and the one that begins in July.  I am old school and have to write stuff down.  In every meeting I am ever in, I am the only one who still uses these.

Sunday after church and I took a nap on the patio.

It got breezy so Jess brought me my favorite blanket.  She joined me and watched a show.  We don't nap enough, and I would like more of them.

For Mother's Day, the thing I asked for was for Mike to do all of the cooking.  After that day, I mentioned that I would love for him to cook every Sunday.  He has cooked both meals every Sunday since, and my love of the Sabbath has increased immensely.  

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Rob said...

You are such awesome people! Glad to hear you are doing such great things! -Diedre