Monday, May 12, 2014

week 19

I love the colors in the yard.

The Jensen's are moving so we had a farewell party...

It was Cinco de Mayo, so we decided to get Cafe Rio…for thirty.

Bev gave herself some ink in orchestra.

Once a week this is what my front seat looks like:  Mickey church bag for Cub Scouts, black bag for PTA, cat bag for work and my very heavy purse.

He is in full teenager mode--getting a nap in whenever possible.

Mike got his new fresh topsoil all spread, then Blackie would dig it all up.

Jessi had a book report due.  She chose a book about JK Rowling.

She takes a while doing projects.  Apparently a very long while...

She has to have kids hold up the poster while she gives her report.

Saturday, and the springtime crazy schedule continued.  Christian had a double-header.

Katie came to Christian's lacrosse games.  It's so fun having her home from college.

We then headed to Bev's last soccer game of the season.  It was freezing.  Poor Christian looks like a little homeless kid bundled up eating his salad.

One of Jessi's chores is brushing Freddy.  She then has a weird habit of putting all the fur in a baggie.  Drew said that she may be saving it to knit a sweater.

Also on Saturday Mike took Drew to Lagoon for a choir concert.

Then Saturday night, we celebrated Grandma and Grandpa's 70th Anniversary.

I had planned decorations for a garden party.  The weather didn't cooperate, so we had it indoors.

People sent me pictures and I made an iMovie of Grandma and Grandpa and all of their posterity.

We are so blessed to have them.

I did my own Mother's Day shopping.

I am a blessed person to have these kids in my life.

They made me a cute candy bar card.

The funniest line reads "You teach us all that we must know. You gave us your milk to help us grow."

The pile of chocolate.

Mike made my favorite breakfast--croissant french toast.  Then he made another favorite for dinner--fish tacos.  I even got in a little nap.

 Jessi wrote me this cute card.  My new nickname is "magnificent mistress."


Rob said...

So fun and cute! Caleb also had his last game of the season and it was a windy season. My kids were also sweet to me on mom's day, Caleb came up with two poems for me, Peter created a very thoughtful card and poster and William is always sweet. Life can be good when we look for it. -Diedre

Amanda said...

70 years!! WOW!!! That is amazing I have never known any couple married that long. I need to meet them and ask them their secret. So FUN!!!