Sunday, September 22, 2013

week 31

Poor Christian headed back to school on July 25th. He had a good attitude about it, even though the other three were still out.  On the way to school he worried about the fun we might have without him. His style now includes button-down shirts.

The house next door is being build.  What remains of "our field" is gone.

Summer food: It's what's for dinner.

The kids still love project day at Home Depot.

Our neighbor, and Jessi's friend, Haylie, was baptized.

Coming home from Grandma and Grandpa Peels. She loves that dog.

We went to Mike's reunion. I heard more interesting stories from Mike's youth.

We went to Baby Emma's blessing. My mom made her blessing dress--she is one adorable baby.

This was parked at Ryan and Erika's neighbor's house, and was the source of a long conversation on the way home. Christian is obsessed.

More blooms from the garden.

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