Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 week 10

I spent Dr. Seuss Day with our PTA president, who dressed up as the Cat in the Hat, and visited all of the classrooms.  I played the role of the bouncer.  We quickly learned why all of the characters at Disneyland have a bodyguard--kids get crazy with poking and pulling tails and wanting really big hugs.  She is a great sport.  Next year when I am the president, I will not be such a good sport.

Dinner out and we were supposed to go to Rio.  The line was long and no one else wanted to stay.  I stayed in line for my tostada and Mike took the boys for subs and the girls for Panda.  We all met up at Panda to eat from our various restaurants.

The boys played street hockey for the first time this season.  I walked out to get a picture just in time to see Christian biff it.  He will be getting some knee and elbow pads for his birthday.

The nightly math homework pow wow.

Klepto strikes again.

Jess is quickly passing off her times tables.  We love the Math Rap apps for multiplication.

The kids love helping in the kitchen, and I have decided that I will teach them how to make something new each week.  This week was the omelet.  The three oldest all know how to make one now, and have done it a few times.

Drew's first water polo tournament of the season.  It was in Springville and Grandpa Huff came to keep Mike company and watch Drew.

We visited Grandma and Grandpa Peel and Christian did his birthday penny dip.

The kids each performed a piano piece and Bev played the violin.

Grandma's piano has such a pretty tone. I love hearing the kids play it.


Rob said...

How fun! You are such a good mom to keep them involved in so many things. And PTA president? Wowzers! Good luck with that. ;) And I am also amazed at water polo, seems like such a grueling sport, to be treading water for so long. -Diedre

CJ said...

Your kids are definitely well rounded - loving learning, cooking,music, dancing and sports. It's always so much fun watching them and talking to them.