Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 week 12

Christian on his last day off track.  He has been watching The Clone Wars on Netflix. Klepto doesn't care if Christian can see the screen.

Spring sports are in full swing and I am always sad when Mike and I have to tag-team and I miss a water polo match.  I am still amazed that the kids can stay above water as much as they do--there is so much grabbing and pulling.

The last day being "twins." (At least until next year.)  Tomorrow Christian turns 10. Sniff, sniff. These kids are growing up so fast.

Christian has been counting down his birthday for three weeks. Every night it has been, "Only 10 more days till the big day…only nine more days."  He made sure to drop some hints about his birthday breakfast in bed.

Mr. Kitty now likes to climb the coat tree.

For Christian's party, he wanted to go paint balling.

Bev played with them, and they had a blast.

He is enjoying his long hair, but it sure causes some serious bed head.

After school at Jessi's parent teacher conference. I can usually tell how much tumbling she did at recess by the amount of dead grass in her hair.

Christian being the carnivore that he is chose Dickey's for his birthday dinner.  (Curse them for the free ice cream cones--such an ingenious marketing trick.)

Bev was babysitting, so we took dinner home for her.  I am not eating meat these days, so I ordered probably the lamest salad I have ever had.  I now know to not order salad from a BBQ place.

I volunteer in Jessi's classroom every Friday, and her teacher has me grade their math tests.  Let's just say that it sometimes challenges my abilities--some kids are doing their 12s.  It is really good for my brain.

Bev is reading the Divergent series, so we took her, with Sean and Julie, to see the movie.  I thought it was a great movie.

Grandpa Huff's friend has a pig farm.  Grandpa buys a pig from him often and shares with us all.  He invited the kids to see the baby piglets before they grow up to be our meat.  I warned my dad that I would want to rescue them all.

I have major problems with factory farming and inhumane farming practices.  Pigs are very intelligent and sensitive.  (And every time I say that Mike or the kids add that they are also delicious.  They don't necessarily share my concerns.)  Most pigs raised for meat are not treated well, and I think we should demand better.

They are the cutest little things.

All the kids enjoyed cuddling them.

This little guy was nervous, so I snuggled him.  Seriously, they are adorable.

He told me that he will always want orange jello cake for his birthday cake.  I made it and then he threw out another hint. "Remember that time you put oranges on it?  I really liked that."

Cousins (and Mike getting ice cream ready.)

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Rob said...

So. Much. Fun! I love baby anything, they are so much fun to be around and the kids love them. My kids love it when we go to the cabin and our neighbor brings her baby lambs and goats! It is the best! And I absolutely love Christian's face being awaken for his birthday breakfast! And Jessica's "grass hair." Such fun little memories. -Diedre