Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 week 6

This week started with the arrival of our Chinese exchange student, Suzy.  

We feel so lucky because we got such a sweetheart.  Here she is helping Christian study his Chinese.

She wanted to do lots of shopping, so we took her to City Creek.

Courtney joined us and we had several people comment on how many kids we have and wondered where they are all from.  

Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony.  I love the name Ebony and if I had a black girl cat, that would be her name. I digress. These two are actually friends, and I never thought she would make friends.  I think it's that Charlie doesn't put up with her being a priss and a diva.  She hisses and he just sort of looks at her like, "you don't scare me, you brat."  So, every afternoon they nap on the same cat house--different levels, but same house.  They are found often sitting next to each other on my precious newish chairs looking out the window.

Bev had to draw 25 reasons she is great/things about herself.  She listed: family, basketball, football, book, piano, panda, cat, soccer, America, BYU, creative, prepared, tiger, Hawaii, perfume, hair, violin, nature heart, school, fishing, building, snowman, 4.0.

We are all trying to drink more water, and I love our water bottles. They are rarely all together for a photo shoot, so I had to take the opportunity when I could.  We all have a color, and there is one to spare.  I told Mike that maybe we should have another child because, hey, we have a water bottle for her.  He didn't laugh.  In fact, he sort of looked like he might have an anxiety attack right then and there.

Christian and I were at Home Depot, one of his favorite stores, when we saw the seeds.  He gets so excited about gardening.  He picked a few and has big plans of starting them in the house.

Mike took the boys to the Lego Movie.  The girls stayed home and watched Cupcake Wars and then the Olympics.

This is what Jessi does during Christian's ball games.  She is surrounded by little kids showing them videos or games on her iPod.  She also teaches them tumbling.

Bev had another math competition.  She amazes me with her math skills.


Rob said...

An exchange student?!? Wow, you amaze me at all the things you take on and you manage it soooo well! I am impressed, and plus how much benefit will she be to Christian? That is great!-Diedre

CJ said...

Kids and animals living together "in perfect harmony". So many fun times. I would have loved to see the look on Mike's face. Getting started on the garden is always exciting. So glad you had a good experience with Suzy, She seemed like such a fun and nice young lady.