Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 week 8

Thanks to the cousins, the kids found out that Minecraft is available on the XBox.  They decided to pool their money and buy one.  Jessi only had a few bucks to contribute, but contribute she did.  Mike helped them find one on KSL.  It came with a bunch of games, including Halo.  Christian, in trying to convince me that they should be able to play Halo, said that maybe it was a game about angels, and that maybe I shouldn't judge it.  I told him the the mature rating was good enough for me in making a judgement.  

Every day, and I mean every day, Christian comes home with pants carrying mud stains, dirt stains, grass stains or some combination of the three.  I asked him how he gets them.  He said "from playing hard at recess."  One day, as I was at the school volunteering, I happened to catch his recess play.  Apparently, he plays kickball every day at recess, and apparently, this requires that he slide into the bases.  The kid is so  hard on his pants and shoes.

I don't think this is good for the piano strings, but Tiger always wants to be by her girl.

"Dogs exist to make our lives better. Cats exist for us to make their lives better." That's a quote Mike shared with me this week.  Charlie likes sitting on the rug in front of the fridge.  When I have to get into the fridge, I nudge him to move. Sometimes he does and sometimes I have to pull the rug out so he doesn't have to move.

The last day of Suzy's stay and there were lots of tears.  I was surprised how fast she became attached to us, and us to her.

A week of beautiful spring-like weather and the kids were suddenly doing homework, and anything else they could think of, outside.  Christian took his piano theory outside to do in the "fresh air."

Every month or so we let the kids have a late night.  They each invite a few friends, which usually adds up to about 18-20 kids.  They play games, watch movies or just hang out.  We provide pizza and treats and enjoy a loud, crazy house for the evening.  This night, Bev and Drew and their friends wanted to play 007, a game they were introduced to at Young Men/Young Women's.  Mike takes them and drops them off, in groups, about a mile away from home.  They have to try to get home without Mike finding them as he drives around.  As I type it, I realize how creepy the whole thing sounds.

Bev's first soccer game of the season and she had two headers.  Here, we were at Jamba Juice when I mentioned that maybe, if she was going to be doing so many headers, that she should get a helmet.  She and Mike both laughed.  I wasn't kidding, but they both looked at me like I was and said nothing more about it.

We sort of enjoyed the Olympics.  I recorded them, but we weren't really home enough to watch much.


Rob said...

Caleb starts soccer soon, I need to get us out there and start practicing! Yikes. So much in the spring. End of year testing, kids refusing to do homework because they want to be outside and now sports. All part of life, right? -Diedre

CJ said...

I love spring sports - getting out in the sunshine and less polluted air to say nothing of the spring bulbs starting to come up. Glad the kids like to be outside to offset the video games.