Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 week 11

Mike apparently thinks Tiger has a weight problem, so he got a new kind of food for her.  The cat on the bag looks just like her.  Tiger does not like the food.

Jessi wanted to make popcorn for class store.

Bev started playing with a new comp soccer team.  They are playing indoor for the next few weeks.

I was in the craft room and Mike was on the couch as Drew was watching Blue Collar Comedy.  He has such a contagious laugh, I didn't even need to hear the comedy, I was giggling at his laugh.

I had a bunch of oats that were about to expire, so I made a big batch of granola, a double batch of no bake cookies and a double batch of energy balls.  This family will be regular.

Between games on Saturday, the kids had a delicious, unhealthy snack.

I decided to be fun mom and let Jessi ride down our street with her head out the sunroof.

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