Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 week 7

Cowboy pack meeting for Cub Scouts.

Jessi's book report on Oceans.

Making some fresh orange juice.  Loving my juicer…not loving cleaning it.

Christian wanted to make an Olympics Valentines box. I asked them to give their classmates something other than candy.  He picked chips…not sure which is more unhealthy.

Thank goodness Jessi wanted to use her box from last year.  She gave little plastic lips with a whistle thing on them.

Mike took Grandma some flowers on Valentine's Day.

We had our traditional Valentine's Day dinner.  Mike got the girls flowers and the boys got a Lego.

Probably the best french toast we have ever had.  I made them from croissants.

Mike took the kids ice fishing and Suzy was a good sport and went along.  Luckily she caught a fish.

Bev got the hook out for her.

Bev gutted and skinned all the fish.  She is not squeamish at all...I swear she is going to be a surgeon when she grows up.

Suzy has had so much fun learning to cook things like chocolate chip cookies, grilled cheese (she had one for breakfast almost every morning) and french toast.

We had a beautiful Sunday morning and the kids spent it reuniting themselves with the swing set and trampoline.  Suzy loved the tramp.

Then the kids did a scavenger hunt that Bev set up.

Mr. Kitty climbed his first tree.

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CJ said...

Pack meetings look interesting. I won't ask why Christian is in jail. ;) Valentine's looks like it turned out wonderful. Fun food and family. Gma loved the flowers. Look out birds - Kitty is on patrol. So glad Suzy had fun while she was here because obviously you enjoyed having her.