Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 week 5

After the children are nestled all snug in their beds, it's time for relaxation.  I love being snuggled in my covers with Mike and Mr. Kitty, watching some Prison Break.

Mike met Drew and Bev after their ski lessons for more skiing.

Chinese New Year performance at the school.

I was lucky to get a picture of him because right after the performance he grabbed his teachers cart and started collecting all the fans.  He is busy and a little worker.

Mike took the kids and some friends to a Monster Truck rally.

The only picture I got of Christian's basketball season.  He loves it, but only until lacrosse begins.

I needed a few things, so in desperation we stopped at Walmart (I try to avoid shopping there.)  Jessica had a hurt leg and was limping along. Next thing I know Drew had her on his back.

Sitting in Sacrament Meeting and we realized that Christian was supposed to be giving a talk in Primary.  He opened up his journal and wrote it by himself.  Mike double checked it and said it was great.  My control issues are more often being challenged with all of these independent children.  The talk was good and he did a good job giving it.

Bev drew a cute portrait of Jessi.

On Saturday we headed to Spanish Fork to help my mom and her siblings clean out Grandma's house.  They divided up her belongings and among other things, I got the plate I brought her from Spain.

I also took this cute blue and green chair.  Not sure where I will put it, but for now it sits in the front room.

I love picking out gifts for my nieces and nephews.  It sort of lets me live in the past, pretending that I still have little kids.  A few months ago, I asked Mike and the kids to go pick out a gift for one of our nephews. It was not a gift I would have chosen, and of course, the kid loved it. So now, I have Mike and the kids do some of the shopping. 

Our nephew Henry was turning three and Mike asked him what he wanted for his birthday.  At first he said the wanted a snake.  He then changed his mind and said that he wanted a dump truck or a tractor.  While I shopped for groceries, Mike and the kids shopped for a gift.  They picked out a rubber snake and a tractor Lego.

We are waiting for the video because Henry's response was epic. I have never seen a reaction to a gift as amazing as his was to that snake.  Upon opening it, he screamed and shrieked, scared to death.  Anytime anyone showed it to him, the screaming resumed.

Then my mom told us about what happened after we left Grandma's house the day earlier.  During the clean-out at Grandma's, Mike put a bunch of free stuff on  He manned the carport as people came to pick up the stuff.  He talked to all of the people and along with Ryan and Randy, helped the people load the stuff in their vehicles.  There was a family who had recently experienced a house fire.  They were very grateful for the furniture.  As we were going through the Christmas decorations, we thought that family could use some.  Mike called them and they returned the next day to pick them up.  My mom met them at the house.  As she talked to the guy, he kept referring to Mike as her husband.  She got the biggest kick out of that.  I love this picture of my cute parents.


Natalie said...

Prison Break is an evil sleep stealer. Your kids are awesome. I stole that pic of M&D.

CJ said...

Doing so many varied things together makes for such a wonderful life. Love the picture of your parents. They are wonderful.