Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 week 13

Sunday night we made some cookies for the kid's church teachers.  The weather was amazing, so we took a walk around the neighborhood delivering them.  Back when we first got Tiger, we bought a cat leash.  We never could get her to go for a walk.  I had high hopes for Charlie, so I leashed him up for the walk.  He refused too.  I ended up carrying him.  Jess offered to go back for the baby carrier.  Bev about died of embarrassment over the ordeal.

Almost daily, we start the day listening to Happy.  You just can't have a bad morning while listening to that song.

I had a work appointment, Mike had taken Bev and Christian to her soccer game, and Drew and Jess were home.  Christian took this picture when they got home after the game.

End of term and Bev is on top of her grades.  While checking her grades, she called me in and said, "I just love seeing that line of As."  A girl after my own heart.

We gave Mike's parents tickets for Les Mis and dinner out.  I posted this picture on Facebook and said, "I will have been a successful mother if my children know this story and music."

Drew and Mike getting the bikes tuned up for Spring.

The girls decided to enjoy Women's Conference via the internet in the craft room.  The boys brought us dinner and we made crafts.  It was a perfect evening.

I had a pile of kid's artwork that I never got around to photograph and then toss.  I sorted them and then, as he is wont to do, Charlie sat on them.

Little Miss got her homework done and then asked Dad to print off the lyrics for Dark Horse.  One night and she had them memorized.

Sunday brunch.  The kids all continue to help Mike.  Today, they shook things up and made german pancakes in muffin tins.

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CJ said...

What a wonderful variety of activities. It was such a fun night going out with you to Les Miserables and such a delight seeing the kids enjoy the show as much as we did.