Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 week 3

Jazz game with Dad.

Pack meeting and Christian earned his Bear.  I wasn't able to go, but I heard all about how they had the boys who were advancing go into a tent and have a bear fight.  He came out with a dirty face and his glasses all crooked.

1:00 church means Mike makes a big brunch.  The kids love it.  I love not having to cook.

Dejunking Christian's room and we found a stockpile of lego boxes in his closet.  I then got a few more from underneath Drew's bed. Hoarders!

The kids get friend birthday parties every other year, and Jessi missed hers last year, so once Christmas was over, I decided to get a party planned.  We did a Frozen theme and I got the rest of the family to help out.  She is in a pretty small class, so I decided to let her invite all of her classmates, plus two other friends.  I was thinking that a few wouldn't be able to make it.  Wrong.  All 24 kids showed up.

Thankfully, Bev is a master at getting little kids engaged and under control.  She started them out with a few games.

I ran the food table.  We decorated cupcakes, made donut snowman, had fruit, cheese and crackers and blue punch.

Mike ran the minute-to-win-it games.

Drew and Bev did the pin-the-nose on Olaf game...

and the memory game.

Funny side story.  In the background, you see some pictures on the tv.  Well, for my birthday last year, Mike had created an album in iPhoto with a bunch of pictures of me.  He was messing around and made a slideshow.  The night after I got in my car accident, he called me into the craft room to show me the slideshow.  He said he would keep it and use it for my wake.  The day of the car accident was a little too soon to be joking about my wake.  Now with the apple tv, he puts it on the tv so we can all see many close-ups of me.

Ben and Thyme were visiting from Alaska, so they got to participate in the craziness of the party.

Seriously, my kids were pretty good sports to help out with the herd.

Bev and Thyme went to a community dance together. It was Bev's first dance. They only lasted about 45 minutes.

We had a get-together to celebrate Grandpa's birthday.  Most of the Jones clan.

Sweet Grandma and Grandpa.

We loved having Ben and Thyme around.  They live too far away.

I am loving book on CD or Audible.  This is one of my latest favorites.

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