Tuesday, February 11, 2014

class store drama...

I don't know who came up with the idea of "class store," and I understand that it gives kids a chance to experience entrepreneurism, which is good.  However, I think a more appropriate title would be "one kid's junk is another kid's treasure."  Christian is so enthusiastic about everything, including class store.

The day before class store, he walked in the house from school and burst into tears.  Apparently his wallet, containing $600 class dollars, was missing.  He said, "I worked so hard for that money."  I had him retrace his steps. He said it might be in his desk.  We went to the computer and emailed his teacher.  The next morning, his sweet teacher responded saying that she found a wallet matching the description.  Christian was relieved.

Christian borrowed Drew and Bev's Claw machine and spent his own money on candy to fill it.  He also made some duct tape wallets and took Drew and Bev's movie-viewing box with his Kindle.  

He had his Kindle charged, and took the charger, just in case.  Drew had helped him with a price list.  This kid was ready.

I was just finishing a work appointment when I got a panicked call from Christian.  The class store had just started and The Claw's batteries were dead. He said, "please bring 5 AA batteries and a screwdriver."  I left work and because I not coming from the direction where home is, I ran in Harmon's.  I paid more than I normally do for some AA batteries and a screwdriver.  As I waited at the light, I opened up the batteries and the screwdriver.  I wanted to be ready to save the day.  Just after opening them, I had a thought.  I quickly texted Mike asking what type of batteries are used in The Claw.  He looked it up online and texted back that it takes 3 D batteries.  Crap! So, I ran into Maverick and paid $12 for 4 D batteries.  This fiasco now has a price tag of $30.

I got to the school and ran inside.  I waved at the ladies in the office and quickly worked my way down the hall.  I turned the corner right before his classroom and as I did, I heard The Claw's loud, annoying circus music playing.  I got in the classroom and saw a herd of kids surrounding it...The Claw working perfectly.  All I could do was laugh.  Christian looked surprised that I was smiling.  He must have thought I would be mad at coming for nothing.

He thanked me very sincerely for coming, and then said that after he called me, he tried to see what was wrong and started to jiggle it and turned it off and on, and it started working.

I am trying to keep in mind the idea that the purpose of any task is to strengthen the relationship (a thought I was reminded of in Relief Society this week.)  Even though I didn't have to save the day, he knows I tried to.


Rob said...

Good job, mom!!! Life can be a roller coaster, good job for looking on the bright side. -Diedre

Erika Huff said...

The life of a mother! You are a good mom! Funny story.