Thursday, February 6, 2014

2013 week 46

And this makes the last post of 2013, and it's only February of 2014.

Sunday after church, we headed to Sunset Pond in Sandy and fished.  We didn't catch anything, but we  got walk around and look at ducks.

With all the fishing around here I have had to come up with some new ways to cook trout.  Our latest favorite includes honey and brown sugar.

Cafe Bella Rue with Courtney, Sean and Julie.

Beastie hanging out watching the hamster.  I have never seen a cat sprawl out like he does.

Next thing I know the right side of Jessi's closet is jam-packed.  So I look to see what happened on the left to cause such a mess.  Oh, she had decided that all of her dress-ups needed their own space.

Putting up those darned bats about gave me a heart attack.  Bev and Mike didn't request my help getting them down.  I guess they didn't want a repeat of my panicked squeals and incessant worrying about the stability of the ladder.

Some question whether he has a heart.  I guess this sweat heart puts that to rest.

This happens regularly.  I know it will not always.

I love it when she wears Bev's old clothes.

Jessi made me this stuffed paper doll.

She writes journal entries and song lyrics.

Selina Gomez.

Justin Bieber.

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