Thursday, February 6, 2014

2013 week 47

It's official.  We adopted Blackie.

Found this in Drew's pocket.

The obsession with Risk continues.  The kids set up the old train table for a game at the bottom of the stairs.

Mike and Christian at the Jazz game.

Mike found some crazy deal on toilet paper. I think we are set for a decade, although Mike says I use so much it may only last 5 years.

Jessica had a book report. She read Kitty Corner, which is a story about a stray cat that gets rescued.  I love her artwork.

Bev had her orchestra recital.  She is digging the violin.

Snuggles in front of the fireplace.

Drew waited to have his friend birthday party so he could take them to Catching Fire.

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Rob said...

Holy Shmoly, toilet paper!!!! Where on earth did he find that deal? AND, where on earth are you storing it?? -Diedre