Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2013 week 48

Christian's teacher was getting married, so my friend Amanda and I planned a "shower" for the kids in her class. Some parents contributed what they would have spent on a gift for her and we got a bunch of camping gear. I made smores' cupcakes for the event.  It was my first time making marshmallow frosting.

We adore his sweet teacher, Miss Dobson.

Between Bev and Drew we are at the orthodontist's often. 

The only pictures I have from Thanksgiving are what we did after the meal.  We pulled out Grandma B's Bonanza tablecloth and played a few games.  My siblings and I have memories playing with my grandma, mom and aunts.  Now we play with our own kids.

Mike took Bev and Kiki fishing on his friend's boat.  Drew, Bev and Kiki love fishing.  Jessi and I enjoy going with them in warm weather.

We were invited by some friends to go to a Jazz game.

Mike puts the kids in rotation to go with him to the Utah games.

Kiki wanted to put the star on the top of the tree. Since we don't have a star, he opted to put the top of the tree on the tree.

The kids each get their own ornament every year.  It's a trip down memory lane as they decorate their tree.

Beastie was in heaven with all the tissue paper and dangling ornaments to attack.

I always put Grandma Peel's nativity above the t.v. so we can see it easily.  It is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

The kids are so helpful getting the other nativities out.

Jessi is always in charge of the Liberian nativity.

There is no room in the laundry chute for clothing.  It is full of purchases.  I stack them there until I can get them to the hiding spot in the basement.

We celebrated a second Thanksgiving with Mike's family.  There is nothing sexier than a man carving a turkey in a cat apron.

Aunt Karen with the girls.

Christian and Jessi always want a drumstick.

The kids are getting their time in with Courtney before she leaves for China.

We also celebrated Jessica's birthday.  Jessica and Grandma Peel.

The girl cousins making bracelets.

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Where did they go fishing on the boat? -Diedre