Wednesday, February 6, 2013

week 1 2013

I am still resolving to take at least one picture a day in 2013, and will try to post a week at a time.  Last year I did it in scrapbook format.  I realized that I don't have time to do that again, so I'm simplifying it.  The pictures are what matter most, so I'm just focusing on the pictures and the stories.  At the end of the year, I will make the blog posts into a book.  That is the plan.

The year ended with Mike's birthday on New Year's Eve.  He turned 38 and is now only one year younger than me.

We gave him a year's worth of massages at a place near his work.  He could use a little stress relief.

We celebrated New Year's Eve with the same gang as usual.  These are some of my favorite people, and we always have a blast together.

New Year's Day is one of the few days of the year we get to sleep in.  I always have grand plans to sleep until 10.  It never happens because we want to head to Grandmas to pick up the kids.  My parents take our kids, and their cousins, for a sleepover every New Year's Eve.  Christian showed us the jet pack he made from Tinker Toys.

And then, to feed our (my) Les Mis obsession, my mom put on the PBS Les Mis 25th Anniversary special.  My kids are Les Mis lovers in training and watched with us.

On the way home, I got to enjoy my Christmas gift.  Mike got me a new sound system for the van with a dvd screen in the front.  I can now watch what the kids are watching in the back.  It's a whole new experience seeing the movie, not just hearing it.  We are currently watching a lot of The Blindside.

One of the only blessings of this frigid weather is icy cold diet pepsi from the garage.  Ain't nothing like it.

With cold weather comes lots of indoor activities.  I did some sewing for the scouts and Jessi was by my side doing beading.

Mike and the kids made some betting squares (not sure what the proper term is) for football games.  Four people in our family really like football.  Mike always pauses the game for me when there is a really great play.  I do enjoy those.

The kids hosted a late night.  We try to let them have friends over as often as we can.  Sadly, it's not enough.  Just Dance was played.  Yes, that is Christian in there with Bev and her friends while his friends played Legos.

The little girls love it too.

Mike taking a breather before his activity.

He helped them all play Mafia.  It's always a hoot with the little kids involved.

After Christian's Jr. Jazz game, we headed to Costco.  I realized that this is what happens when he and Dad decide what constitutes an "outfit"--leather jacket, basketball uniform and snow boots.  Christian thought his outfit was the bomb.

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