Tuesday, February 26, 2013

week 6

During Sacrament Meeting, Bev made all the kids a personalized crossword puzzle.

After church, Bev and Mike made Grandma Huff a candy bar poster card for her birthday.

We celebrated at Randy and Camille's.

We also celebrated Jack and Henry's birthdays and watched the Superbowl.  Camille made the football cake.  We just love those cute boys.

Monday morning we woke up to frost.  I'm feeling so done with this winter.

Jessi made these signs on my craft room.  "Dejunkin. Don't go in. Ask Mom to get something. Can I set up the tet (tent) but I like to call it Ruekad (arcade) srkl (circle) yes or no."

Whenever she has free time Jessi either plays Barbies, draws or colors, or does play-doh.

Wednesday, Bev had ingrown toenail surgery.  The shots were the worst part, and boy howdy were they painful.  I held her hand and she screamed so loud that the doctor came in to see who was dying.  She survived, but barely.  As we were leaving, the ladies at the front desk asked how everything went.  I said, "I suppose you heard."  They said that they had indeed heard, and so did everyone in the waiting room.  I wonder how many patients she scared away.

Friday was the Chinese New Year celebration at school.  The kids performed in an assembly and then we did a big party.

I was in charge of the food station.  The girls were off track, so they helped me. Jessi helped serve the food.

Bev did the drinks.

Dad bought a pig, and shared with us.  Poor, delicious pig.

Sunday was my cousin McKenna's missionary farewell.  She is off to Texas.

We then went to Courtney's farewell party.  She is off to China to teach English.  I don't know what we will do without her.

Bev loves trying on high heels.  Courtney's closet was heaven.

The Biebs was on SNL.  We let the kids watch and kept our finger on the remote--you never know when it could go really wrong on that show.

Drew inherited a clown fish and little aquarium from his boss.  What's one more pet?

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