Friday, February 8, 2013

private investigators

When we were in Mexico, Bev left her iPod on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel.  She realized it as soon as the shuttle drove away, so Mike talked to the people at Best Day Travel and asked them to look for it and return it.  It was deemed "lost."

We got home and a few weeks later we got emails reporting that a new email address was added to our iTunes account.  Mike got suspicious and checked the "Find My iPhone" app he had installed on all of our Apple devices.  Sure enough, some fellow in Cancun had started using her iPod.   Mike tracked it and took a screen shot of her iPod's new home.

He then sent a command for a noise to go off on the iPod, and then a message, which would appear on the screen.  The message said, in Spanish, "I hope you feel good about stealing a little girl's iPod that she worked hard to buy.  God is watching you."  Can you imagine being that guy and getting that message?

He then sent a command to wipe the iPod clean.  Mike and I were in bed when I got the idea to do a little research.  On occasion, I have found Facebook to be a very interesting source of information for work, so, I pulled out the iPad and typed in the guys name.  Lo and behold, there he was, public profile and all.  I looked at his pictures and found several with him in his Best Day Travel uniform, one clearly showing his name tag.  I took screen shots of them.

Mike then composed an email to Costco Travel, and included the pictures.  A few days later, the guy posted something on Facebook about swearing to never buy anything off the black market again.  The Costco rep got back to us and said that Best Day had done an investigation and that the man using the iPod had bought it from another man who used to work at Best Day, but doesn't any longer, and that the iPod would be returned to us.  It arrived a few days later.  The hot pink case was missing, but Mike was able to restore everything on it.  We have one happy girl (and a mom who is seriously considering another line of work as a PI.)

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