Friday, February 8, 2013

week 2 2013

I just couldn't bring myself to take down Christmas, so I kept up all the decorations until January 11th.  It was at that point that I began feeling bogged down by all the stuff, and decided it was time.  The nativities were the last to be put away.  They are my favorite decorations. 

I put these two to work disassembling the tree.

The girls and Christian set up "school" for their stuffed animals.

Christian read like crazy to get his How To Train Your Dragon book finished and book report done.

I now drop these two off together for Activity Days and Cub Scouts.

Christian officially started piano lessons. Here he was getting a little too much help from the pianists in the family.

We have had a crazy week of blizzards and freezing rain.  Mike took this shot of his drive to work on Friday.  I'm trying to only leave the house when absolutely necessary.

We have kept the Christmas lights on, but they are beginning to come down on their own.

I was released from the Primary presidency :( and sweet Penny brought my kids these gum balls. They are so pretty, and so plentiful.

Jessi is constantly toting around a few Barbies.  She was watching tv on my bed when I noticed that Ken had accidentally tripped and landed on Barbie.  It's not the first time that has happened.

Celebrating Grandpa's 91st birthday.

A special gift from a very special friend.

The new chair in the front window is Tiger's new favorite perch.

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