Monday, February 11, 2013

week 4 2013

Inauguration Day and President's Day.

We spent the day at home and then met up with our pals for swimming and dinner.

Jessi set up her tent, chock full of her stuff, in the piano room.  I let her leave it there for the week. She took the picture with my phone.  Lots of fun pictures showed up on my phone, including one of me in my unmentionables.

She took this great one of Tiger looking out the window.

School spelling bee.  She didn't win, and was disappointed, but sure learned a lot of new words in her practice.

On Saturday Mike took the kids ice fishing to Rockport.  For the first time, Jessi announced that she wanted to go.  She told me that she is getting more used to the cold the longer she is in Utah.

Mike has an ice shack he sets up for them and took his water boiler to make them cup-o-noodles.

Christian caught 2 trout.  He is by far the most passionate about fishing.  He stayed and manned his pole, set his own hook and reeled in his catch by himself.

Christian and Drew have really long hair (for them anyway.)  They do not want it cut, but allow me to trim the back and sides.  They love having hair that they can flip.  They have had to learn to use hair products to keep it tame.

Andrew has been spending lots of time with Mama Cat, trying to socialize her.

We went to Jessi's Great to be Eight activity.  She is excited for her baptism next week.

We have started taking the kids on dates again.  Christian chose sushi.

It was a dark and foggy night after sushi.

Jessica got to spend her first day at Grandma and Grandpa Peel's.  They always make it special.  She came home and couldn't stop talking about all the things they did.  Her favorite was playing cards.

The huge clock is going to be the death of us.  It keeps slowing down or stopping.  I love it, but it is becoming quite a pain.

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CJ said...

Thank you for making me the beneficiary of the fishing trip. I haven't had fish that fresh for such a long time. It was delicious.