Friday, February 8, 2013

week 3 2013

Every picture but one this week was taken with my phone.  

This is what Monday after school looks like.  Monday is the day we have no extra-curricular activities, so we try to get as much homework done as possible.  

The girls are off track, so they do some thinking activities and then lots and lots of crafts.

This week Bev has used Pinterest more than I have.  She is working on a special project for Jessica. She ran out of supplies and called Mike to ask him to stop at the craft store on his way home from work.  A girl after my own heart.

Christian has discovered the art of hiding to play his iPod.  He thinks if he is out of my sight, he will be out of my mind.

Drew at the scout Court of Honor.

Bev went on to the 6th grade spelling bee and won, so she goes on to the school spelling bee next week.

Tis the month of lots of soup.  This pot of veggies became vegetable puree, or as the kids call it "baby poop soup."  As much as I dislike that name, I can't argue with the fact that that's what it looks like.

After their photo session, Jess and Kiki got a cupcake at The Sweet Toothfairy.  They took them home to share with the others.

My favorite part of the day--snuggle time.  Jess and Drew are always game, but I have to take what I can get from the other two.

She always brings something to my bed.  Tonight it was funky glasses and a play cell phone.

One day a few weeks ago, Christian announced that he wanted a fedora.  While shopping with Mike, he found one.  He now wants to wear it everywhere.

Mike replaced my tires just in time.  I had to slam on my breaks to avoid a car that cut in front of me, on an icy road.  It was a heart-stopper.

Mike got Drew all ready for his scout overnighter.  They were building snow caves and cooking their own food.  Basically, my idea of a nightmare.  He had to have an entire second set of snow wear, food and a whole bunch of other gear.  Mike got him all set.

Ready to roll.

Bev has been in a triathalon training class, and this Saturday participated in her first sprint triathlon.  She did so well, taking 3rd in girls and 5th overall.

Saturday is the day he gets ready for Sunday.

Playing a family game of Clue and this girl can't sit on a chair.  She is in constant motion.

Not happy that I said "no" to the fedora for church.

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