Friday, January 18, 2013

it's great to be eight

In December, Little Miss turned 8. She is growing up so fast, and I am in denial that we are out of those "little kid" years.

Here are 8 things we love about Jessica:

1.  She is generous.  Whenever she gets a treat at school, she brings it home and splits it 6 ways.  Even if it is two Oreos, or a cupcake, smashed at the bottom of her backpack, she brings it home to share.

2.  She is sweet.  She gives the best compliments and is loving and kind.

3.  She is mischievous.  Definition: Causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.

4.  She is creative.  Jessi is always making up songs, or drawing very detailed pictures.

5.  She is kind.  We are lucky to be the recipients of many love letters, she gives really good massages and snuggles and loves animals and babies.

6.  She is talented.  The girl can sing and dance and she has an innate sense of rhythm.

7.  She is expressive.  She has the best facial expressions and is quite the actress (especially in front of the mirror.)

8.  She is resilient.  She will be in trouble, or mad at someone, and with a sweet word, is happy and cheerful.

Here she is with her birthday breakfast in bed--our bed.  Almost every night, when she gets cold and wakes up, she comes in bed with us for snuggles.  She also brings whatever stuffed animal or doll she was sleeping with.  One morning I woke up to 10 of her closest non-living friends in bed with us.

After school she got to open her gifts.

She got a Barbie horse and carriage and a furry cat hat and vest.

It was then time to enjoy her dinner pick--Golden Corral...again.

Christian and Bev made her the crown.

Dad made paella for her family birthday party.  She requested something with "lots of shrimp."

I made her a pink cake.

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CJ said...

I think having a December birthday is a bonus because she got to celebrate all month long, Definitely agree with the 8 things to love about her.