Tuesday, January 8, 2013

food poisoning

On our way home, we had a layover in Dallas. We had dinner at Friday's.  Just a few months ago, we ate at Friday's and Bev found a fly in her spaghetti.  We swore we wouldn't eat there again.  But, when we got to our gate at the airport, it was the closest thing.  Bev said, "Mom, remember we said we wouldn't eat there again."  Oh, how quickly I forget.

So we ate and got on the plane.  When we touched down in Salt Lake and Christian started complaining of a stomach ache.  Then Jessi said she felt sick.  Then she fell asleep while we waited for Grandma to go get the car.

Christian slept in our bed.  He was writhing in pain all night.  At midnight, Bev came into our room, sick.  At 3 am it hit me.  Jessi ended up in our bed, and then Drew came in.  I sent Bev back to bed and then I went to Jessi's bed because ours was too full.  I took my phone into the girls room to google "food poisoning."  This is how Bev was sleeping.

We all got it within hours of each other.  At first I thought we might have a Mexican bug, but the timing led me to believe it was food poisoning from Friday's.  I called the Health Department, and discovered we were one of four parties that had reported problems that night at that restaurant.  It was the sort of thing where you would be fine for a few hours and then not.  We would be watching tv and Christian would jump up, ask us to pause the tv and bolt for the bathroom.

It was quite a way to end our vacation.


Smilin' sunshine said...


Susan said...

How did we survive Mexico and end up with food poisoning in the good ol' US of A--or has Texas seceded?

CJ said...

Glad it was at the end of the vacation instead of the beginning.