Sunday, December 30, 2012

vacation adventure: part 7

My mom got up early one morning and got these shots of the sunrise from her balcony.

A view of the resort from our balcony.

We went kayaking out to a little island. (Thanks Mom for the great pics.)

Then the kids took some paddle boats out.

This is where Drew was sick of doing all the paddling for the two of them.  (Notice the princess lounging as he throws his hands in the air.)

They all look so serious.  They got in a splash fight.  Not sure what happened, but they don't look happy.

On the bus back to the hotel.  Mike hopped off to stop at a pharmacy and get some ointment for himself and the boys.  Living in swimming trunks caused some chaffing.

Family picture: Cancun, December 2012

Walking to the bus to head downtown for shopping, the boys were all walking like cowboys that had been in the saddle all day.  Thankfully, the special Mexican ointment worked wonders.

Bargaining for souvenirs.

Last meal before returning to real life, and having to cook for ourselves.

One last daiquiri. (Actually, we all got one before heading out in the morning.)

It was a great trip.  We were ready to come home, but once we got home, we immediately started talking about where we want to go next...someplace with sand and water and sun.

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