Wednesday, December 26, 2012

vacation adventure: part 4

We were finally off.  

We got to the airport plenty early.  We had a layover in Dallas where the kids all watched as Grandma got pulled out of the line boarding the plane to be frisked--she looks like the most non-threatening person at the airport.  So Christian sees it and asks why Grandma is getting a massage.  Even the TSA agent smiled.

My seat buddy was Christian.  He loved watching the world below.

We arrived in Cancun and finally made it to our hotel.  The kids were so excited to see the beach, so Grandma took them while Mike got some things done at the hotel and I got us unpacked.

The next day was a day at the resort and beach.  The kids had fun at the water slides and kiddie zone.

The kids would have stayed at the beach all day, every day.  

Jessi loved the sand more than the water.  

Jessi in her sand suit.

We brought snorkeling gear, and Bev and Christian spent the first half of the day hunting for seashells.

Bev snorkeling.

Checking out her treasures.

Christian rinsing the sand off of his finds.

The first pile of shells they collected.

Bev knew she wanted to have braids done, so she sat for an hour watching the waves and getting her hair done.

I don't know how good they were for her hair, but it was sure convenient for the rest of the trip.

Jessi had half of her hair braided.  So cute.

Grandma spent the whole day at the beach with us, and got out in the water to play with the kids.  Grandpa went out with her on the last day.

Dad got the kids a boogie board, and they took turns surfing the waves.

I got us all rash guard shirts before we came.  We were definitely the most covered people at the beach. The kids got their first exposure to the practice of topless sunbathing.  We just told them to look away.

At one point, I lost track of Christian for about 2 minutes.  He had his head in the water, snorkeling, and had drifted down shore. I was panicked.  Mike walked the beach and found him.

Jessi made all kinds of sand creations.

Then experienced the agony of defeat when they were washed away.

I taught the girls the art of getting sand out of the crotches of their swimsuits.

The resort had a family bar where the kids could order virgin drinks.  Every time we passed, they stopped for a daiquiri.


CJ said...

What a wonderful preChristmas vacation. So many happy faces and memories.

Katie said...

Oh so much fun! It makes me ready to tackle taking the kids somewhere exotic. The most exotic trip we have taken with the kids is to St. George and California.