Monday, December 24, 2012

vacation adventure: part 3

We had an appointment at the passport agency at 9:30 am on Monday morning.  It opened at 8, and we got there right as it opened.  We got through the first line and then the second.  We were approved for same day passports and were told to return at 3 pm.  

We had thought that if we couldn't get the passports until Tuesday, we would take the kids to Sea World, but we were only going to have 5 or 6 hours so we headed to the beach.

We went to Crystal Pier and of course Bev was the first one in the water.  We told her to just get her feet wet.  Then Andrew joined her and they had a hard time getting just their feet wet.

Finally, the other two joined in.

They got cleaned up and I got them some dry pants.  We thought about going to a movie, but then decided to see some things we couldn't do at home.

We walked around the San Diego Temple and saw their nativities.

We then went to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center.  It was actually really neat.  They do a multimedia presentation and the kids got to dress up and pan for gold.

We returned to the passport agency and Mike went in to pick up the passports.  3:00 came and went.  I finally texted him asking where he was.  He responded that he was still waiting.

At 3:15, the eagle landed and we headed for home.

This is what Mike requires for long-distance driving.  We got home at 4 am.

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CJ said...

Love Mike's long drive care package. Ross is just the opposite -- no food so he will stay awake. Your mini vacation sounds like it was wonderful.