Wednesday, December 19, 2012

vacation adventure: part 2

I went with Mike on a work trip to San Diego in November, and I loved the zoo.  I was so excited to bring the kids--someday.  I texted Mike several times telling him that we had to bring the kids back.  One month later, we did.

Oh, the animals.

The apes and gorillas put on quite a show.  Mike is always anxious to get out of the ape area--they freak him out.

Bev was most excited to see the pandas.

I could watch the lions all day long.

The zoo is so large that there is a bus system to help you get around.

Bev finally got the chair with the panda.

The giraffes were amazing.  The male giraffe was being a bit "inappropriate" (Bev's words) but they were so beautiful.

My favorite part was toward the end of the day as we were looking at the cheetahs.  The keepers were moving them to another area for the night.  Each cheetah and wolf has a dog companion.  The keepers led the dog out, and the cheetah followed, on a leash. We got to watch them walk down the sidewalk with the keepers.  It was incredible.

I only wish we lived closer because, this is seriously one of my favorite places.

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CJ said...

It is one of my favorite places too and it has been way to long since I have been there, so headed there early next year thanks in part to your fun pictures and enthusiasm.