Thursday, January 10, 2013

december goings-on

The kids with their souvenirs.  They consisted of guitars, ornaments, spraypaint artwork, jewelry and trinkets.

The day after we got home we saw A Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theater.  It was a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. (And thankfully, everyone was feeling well enough to attend.)

It was a little busy fitting in our traditions.  One we couldn't miss was the Echoes of Christmas live nativity.

Mike and I had our annual meeting where we pulled out all the goods and checked our list twice.  I then stayed up late and got all the wrapping done.

There were a few loose ends, so I made my almost daily trip to good old Target.

Tiger sure puts up with a lot.

 Mike took the kids sledding with the cousins.

It was hard coming home to the harsh cold and snow.

Christian, Bev and Drew didn't mind it, but the rest of us did.

 The girls had their tumbling performance.  Katie and Courtney came. Bev looks like she could be their sister--lucky girl.

This was Bev's last tumbling performance.  She made a competitive soccer team and had to choose between the two.  Soccer won.

The night of the performance, Mike got a call from a man who had found our old dog Freddy.  Freddy went to live with another family 5 years ago when we had to move into an apartment before our house was done.  They love him and have taken good care of him, but we were worried.  Mike finally got a hold of the owner the next day, but the kids sure loved it while he was here.  We had decided that we would take him back if the family wasn't able to care for him.  The kids were sad when we gave him back.

Tiger was not sad that we gave him back.  She was on high alert the entire time he was in the house.

Bev stared playing the violin a few months ago, and had her her first orchestra performance.

The gang delivering neighbor gifts.  Mike got them the face masks and they love them.  Jessi is all about the fashion, so her sparkly beret was all she wanted.

We saw the lights at Temple Square and then walked over to the Macy's windows.

I went to Bev's class party and was set to help at Jessi's when a little baby decided to be born and I had to work.  I went into Jessi's class to tell her that I wouldn't be at her party.  She was heartbroken.  I called Mike to tell him about my mommy guilt for missing it.  He said, "I can probably make it."  He left work and surprised her.  After school she told me that she was "so happy" and "so excited" because she was the only one with a daddy there.

The activity they did together.  My favorite is the letter "A"--angels story rang with glory.

Santa and Mrs. Claus at Zoo Lights.  Drew is starting to miss family events for friends.  Sniff sniff.

It was a cold night at the zoo, but it's always fun with this bunch.

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