Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 - week 27

I asked her to take the recycling to the can on the side of the house, so she got on her bike to ride it over.  Not sure it was easier.

Mike was enjoying his sandwich on the patio when Charlie walked up and took a bite.  He is so cute and sweet, Mike just let him have one.

This kid has decided to start long boarding to swim at 5:30 in the morning...several miles away. I told him I would pick him up after. He is always so grateful for me getting up early to take him and pick him up.

Drew then came home that morning and made his siblings breakfast.  He then delivered it to them in bed. Jess had ended up in my bed, and it was her last day of school, so he brought her breakfast first.

He then took Christian breakfast.

Bev ended up in Drew's bed that night because she had been at her friend's house until late watching a scary movie.  She texted Drew and asked him to come walk her home at 12:45 am.  He did and then let her stay in his room.  He is such a good kid.

Last day of fourth grade for Jessica.

I went with her to the school to clean out the PTA closet, one of my last responsibilities as President.  I ended up literally filling the dumpster with three huge loads on this cart.  I think people have been nervous to toss stuff that they did not make or use. I have been at the school long enough that I felt if I hadn't seen it used in 5 years, I could toss it.

Three hours later, and you can see the floor.

I had mixed emotions as this was the last day I would wear this badge.  I am ready. I am tired.  I am emotional about leaving the school for a new one, but I know it will be great.  I have worked with amazing women volunteers, teachers, administration and the world's best custodian.

After taking Christian on a trip to Long Lake two weeks ago, Mike planned a family trip there.  This was my first time packing in our camping stuff.  It was beautiful, and I survived. The hike was about 2 miles in and then another half mile to the opposite side of the lake to camp.

The kids pitched their four-person tent and Mike pitched our two-person tent.

Bev made an awesome campfire.  Mike made us ramen for dinner using his amazing Jetboil.

Mike and Christian fished for a few minutes.

This place is beautiful.

I didn't really have a great night's sleep, in fact it ranked in my top five bad nights sleep.  Mike bought a really great pad for us to share. I let him have it at the beginning. Then I couldn't sleep so he gave it to me.  We each got about a half a night's sleep.

Christian got up and made the morning fire. We had oatmeal.

Right before we left, Bev asked if she could jump off the cliff into the lake. Mike inspected it for depth and said "yes."  She got down to her underwear and jumped.

Then Drew did it...after 10 minutes of wavering.  Jess did it after 10 minutes of wavering.

Christian had no plans, but then decided to give it a try.  He screamed the whole way down.

Bev and Drew ended up doing it several more times, and then instead of swimming around, they started climbing up the rocks to jump again. I estimate it was about a 25 foot drop.  This was the highlight of the trip.

Jess on the rocks getting dry and warm.

I just loved the many wildflowers on the path out of the lake...beautiful.

We then lunched at Ruth's Diner...a post-hiking tradition.  It was a great trip...I might even consider doing it again sometime.  Just trying to figure out how I can haul a cooler, mattress and lawn chair up there.

The only picture I got of the 4th of July festivities.  We went to Randy and Camille's Cul-de-sac of Fire to watch a ton of fireworks.  Jess and Max hung out in the chair together.  The next night we went to another party with friends.

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Rob said...

Your kids are amazing. All the sweet and talented things they do! And how in the world do you find time for family vacations and work around sports practice and schedules????? We are struggling with this one right now. Love your camping trip! -Take care, Diedre