Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 - week 15

Drew got his learner's permit...this will be an adventure.

We met the cousins at Thanksgiving Point Museum of Curiosity. The girls in the wind tunnel.

These two loved all of the building and engineering activities.

Emma loved the water table.

Mason in the water boots and apron.

These girls adore each other...they love being together.

We let all the big kids do the ropes course.

Grandpa helping Mason with his shoes.

Drew high above.


Erika took Emma back to our place for a nap, but she didn't want to sleep. I took her up to my bed with Charlie, and he snuggled her until she fell asleep. This cat is a therapy cat, I tell you.

Poor Jess, as the youngest, she rarely gets McDonalds. I never go, and I never take the kids. So, whenever she has a doctor's appointment, or needs dinner after dance these days, I try to take her.

One of his first times driving, and it was raining hard.  The irony of his dance wristband kills me..."fearless."

We met up with Mel and kids at BYU.  We toured the museum and several buildings.

I loved my experience at the Y, but going into that library, I get a little anxious.  The memories of late night studying and the stress of school come right back.

Mel wanted the kids to see the science buildings, places I tried to avoid while going to school there.

They all got new t-shirts, except for Drew, he told me I would be wasting my money.

These girls had so much fun together.

Saturday, and Mike and I had to divide and conquer. I drove Bev and Christian up north for games. Bev played in Layton and Christian played in Kaysville.

Christian trying to catch some z's during Bev's game.

The Beast with his three lacrosse sticks after his game.  This kid leaves it all on the field.

Mike drove Drew and his water polo team to Delta for some playoff games.

They were gone all day.

This is the set of bags I usually take to church every week...purse, bag with books, bag with kid's journals and singing time stuff, additional singing time is so much. I keep debating about one of those suitcase things on wheels.  In the mean time, I must consolidate.

Bev sewed this panda pillow for her sewing class. She is so crafty.

After church and Jess always wants chicken wings.  Mike buys her the bag at Costco.

We added another family member this week, Christian's new gecko.  His name was going to be Tyson, but he is a girl, so his name is Tysiona.

My mom got us tickets to Les Mis at Hale Center Theater. We had an extra ticket, so Bev's friend Bailey came along. The girls were all swooning over Marius.

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