Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 - week 14

The orange tulips are my favorites.

We got to tend these two for a few hours. Drew and Christian got out some of their old toys to entertain them.

And they played on the trampoline.

Bev showing Emma pics on her phone.

We saw Cindrella, and I loved it.

We found our latest favorite treat, frosted lemonade at Chick-fil-a.

Spring Break and the kids set up forts. Bev then set up a space heater and fell asleep.

Priesthood session with the guys.  Melanie and family made it to town.

She gets this shy face whenever I explain anything about the birds and the bees.  Today, the question came up about what animals give live birth.

Easter baskets...Drew got some clothes, Bev got a soccer ball, Christian got some new shoes and tennis balls for lacrosse, Jess got clothes and a jump rope.

They are good sports to let me get this picture every year.

At Grandma's house for the last session of Conference...

Annual Easter Egg Hunt, and the line up.  Emma threw her basket right as this picture was taken.

We took Freddy to Grandma's to enjoy the beautiful weather.

This is the first year Drew didn't collect eggs.  He helped the little kids find and reach them.

After the hunt, Grandma gathers the kids for the "redistribution of easter egg wealth" to even out the piles of goods.

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