Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 - week 13

This is what my front seat looked like today.  It contains: my purse, my planner, my work bag, Christian's lacrosse water bottle, Jessica's granola bar, a bag of hair products to do Jessica's hair for her dress rehearsal, Jessica's backpack because I picked her up straight from school for dance, a bag of purchases from Target, a bag of purchases from the Scout shop, my cup of Diet Pepsi.

I went to Target with Camille and Brittany, and Camille told me that she had seen a shirt that I had to buy for Jess. It was this darling raccoon shirt. Camille, with only boys, loves picking clothes out for Jess.  I have to admit, she is pretty darned fun to dress.

One of the cats brought us half a mouse, and left it as a gift, on the front patio.

Things are finally blooming.

Off to Jessica and Drew's first dance competition, in St. George. The kids love using the luggage carts both to haul the luggage and to ride on.

Jess and I woke up early as this was our first experience with these babies.

Bev came and helped get her ready.

Dance mom.

Jess with her friend Eliza.

Some of Drew's female friends were also there for the competition. Mike took them all to Walmart during a break in Jessi's dances.

We met up with our dear friends, the Jensens, for lunch. They came to watch the last few dances.

Livvy and Jess, pretty Liberian girls.

For Primary, I taught the song, Heroes of the Scriptures. I invited people from the ward to come in, dressed up as the hero and tell about their lives and what makes them a hero.

We have decided to start to clean out the basement...heaven help maybe think about finishing it.  Mike and the kids moved the food storage into the cold storage room.

And, of course, Jess finds some dress up thing to wear, and we are lucky that Christian is wearing anything.

Mike making waffles with his special waffle maker, and happy smile.

Bev teaching Jess how to make Banana Bread.

Mr. C always on to his next plan, to buy his next gun or gadget, asking Dad's advice.

We have had some people being very poky around here. I had finally had it and introduced the girls to the word urgency.

Now that I have retired from cross-stitch, I decided to dust off the old crochet hook and make an afghan. I fell in love with these colors, so I decided to use them all and just make a crazy striped blanket. My Grandma Huff taught me to crochet when I was a teenager.

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