Friday, July 10, 2015

2015 - week 18

Bev got a few new pairs of shoes for her birthday.  She is now a size 10.5 or 11.  Thank goodness those sizes are more common nowadays.

She and Drew now have matching shoes.

Tiger loves sitting on the porch watching the world.  She meows when she wants in the house. I love coming home to her sitting there waiting for us.  A house is not a home without a cat...or two.

Bev's soccer season is in full swing.  I finally took my camera to a game to get some pictures of her playing.

I got this shot just after she made a header.

Christian brings his lacrosse stick to Bev's games to practice.

After her game, we headed to his.

On the ground...he spends a little time there during every game.

Freddy has had a hard time getting up the stairs lately, so Christian agreed to sleep downstairs with him.

The day before Mike and I were going on his work trip to Washington DC, he wrecked his car...and it was totaled. It is a huge bummer because we were going to let Drew use it when he turns 16 in a few months.  Now we have to make other plans.

Mike loves listening to Drew play.  Fred just likes to be with his people.  I hope Drew keeps up with piano.  He has a soft touch and plays beautifully.


Rob said...

Does Beverly play keeper anymore for soccer? Caleb just had his first competition tournament, and it was a good/tough learning experience. :) -Diedre

Rob said...
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Rob said...

OH, and sorry about the car. That is a bummer deal -Diedre