Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 - week 8

President's Day and no school.  Jessi has been asking to eat at The Egg and I for a while...we finally made it there.  Christian had the granola berry pancake that was the "biggest pancake of his life."

Mike came home early and we went bowling.

I had to pick up Drew from water polo tryouts and run him to an orthodontic appointment.  The kids often have to do changes in the car because of our crazy schedule.  I keep all kinds of things in the car--lotion, deodorant, wet wipes, disposable toothbrushes, socks, sunscreen, lots of snacks and water bottles...we could survive in this car for days if necessary.

Jess went back on track and had a late Valentine's party.  Thank goodness she wanted to reuse her zebra box from a few years ago.

The girls' earrings were out of control, so I got crafty.  I found this cute drawer at Hobby Lobby, the place that has everything, and I rolled and glued some felt into rows for her to stick her earrings in.

And while I was at HL, I found this cute thing for Bev to hang her's on.

Christian's class at school is a lot bit loud. He comes home and craves quiet.  He likes to do his homework at his cute little "office" that sits under his bunk bed.  He also does homework without clothes.

Too many chargers...too...many.  I organize it and within days this happens.

First plant purchase of the year.  I love plants and flowers...so much.

On my way home from an errand, I ended up passing our first home at Countrywood Condos so I pulled over and took a picture.  After we were engaged, Mike literally spent all his pennies to buy this newly renovated apartment-turned condo.  He lived there a month before our wedding.  We moved out right around the time Andrew was born.

I love the spelling sentences he comes up with.  Today's favorite, "I will not be supported when I am 40 by the people I am related to."

This sweet cat lets Jessi carry him around and wrap him up like a baby.  Today, she strapped her monkey and monkey baby on his back. He wore it for a while, then came to me, begging for it to be removed.

New use for duct tape...nose plug for cat litter duty.

Books and Buddies at the school. I helped run it so Mike came to read with the littles.

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