Sunday, March 8, 2015

2015 - week 5

As the coach of Christian's Jr. Jazz team, Mike was responsible for making sure all his players got tickets to a Jazz game. He got a few extra tickets and took two of his players, Adam and Tommy, to a game.  He ended up getting them traded for second row seats.

The boys ended up on the jumbo tron several times.  Here, the cameras were catching people lifting up their kids like on the Lion King.  Christian tried lifting up Adam and the cameras caught him.  At the end of the night Christian declared that several things had been checked off his bucket list that night.

Another shot of Charlie sleeping on Christian.  I just can't handle the cuteness of this cat.

Oatmeal on the way to school.

The three oldest got ski lessons for Christmas.  Mike joined them for their final ski time.

Drew's friend Chris and his brother and dad met them there.

Jessi is off track the same time as Camille's boys so we sometimes get to do fun things together.  This was our first time at the Museum of Curiosity.  In the wind tunnel, Jess yelled, "Mom, look at my afro."

Bev is such a good student.  About once a week she stays after school to get caught up on things.  I picked her up and took a few pics on the way home.

Playing a game of Trivia Crack with her dad.

Her, wondering why I am taking pictures of her playing Trivia Crack.

Her, having no idea what the answer is.

The look of satisfaction at beating Dad.

Mike and Christian and their Jr. Jazz team.  The boys decided on the name "Yellow Snow" because of the neon yellow jerseys.  The team is made up of mostly boys from our neighborhood. It was a fun season, and the boys really improved as the season went on.

With this unseasonably warm weather, we have started cleaning up the yard. Drew raked up leaves and then jumped in the pile.  He is such a good worker, and has asked me to hire him for some paying jobs.  I am happy to put him to work on jobs I want to hire out myself.  So far he has learned to steam-clean tile and wash walls.

Friday night and Jessica was worn out.  Drew had friends over so pizza and chips and dip were on the menu. Jess ate first and then chilled in her room and fell asleep early.  Mike and I always want our kids feel like they can have friends over. We have told them that we are happy to supply food and entertain the little ones, so that the teenagers can have space to hang out.  I love that they want to be here.  I think Mike has stopped for pizza almost every Friday night over the last few months.

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Rob said...

I just love catching up with your family. Bev is such a beautiful girl! And you and Mike have made such a great atmosphere for your family. Enjoy the next few weeks and take care. - Diedre