Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 - week 7

Something going on in the neighbor's yard, and these two sat and watched while I folded laundry.  It is a major step that Tiger will sit on the same perch as Charlie...she is a pretty particular cat and acts annoyed by sweet Charlie who only wants to be her friend.

Christian got all dressed up for his class trip to the Symphony.  He wore his cool jacket, his suspenders and pocket watch...He has always loved dressing up.

Jessie's breakfast.  You just never know what she will do next.

She is such a good cook...she made an omelet and then reminded Christian how to.

Christian's last Blue and Gold Pack Meeting. He turns eleven soon and won't be going to Pack Meetings any more.  He is excited because Mike is the 11 year-old scout leader.

These two went to Maturation.  Christian had been dreading it.  Apparently some of the dads got the giggles, which became contagious.

When he got home, he said that the teacher had shown a picture like on this cover where "the guys got bigger and shaggier."

Thank goodness he wanted to use his cheetah Valentine's box again.

Poor Christian and Jess...they spent hours making tiny clay things...I baked them and this is what happened...We had purchased the cheap clay...never again!

The kids all made cards for Grandma Huff and we went to see her in the rehab center.  She had her first knee replacement surgery in December and had the other one done last week.

Grandma shared a bed with sleepy Jessi.

Lacrosse season is about to begin, and Christian is watching lots of youtube clips on how to string his stick.  Mike and I were snuggled in bed ready to watch Scandal, when he came in to show Mike all he had learned.

Valentine's Day came and two of the four children had other plans, so we postponed our traditional family dinner until Sunday.  Every year Mike gets the girls flowers, I get the boys candy.  This year we gave them all new memory foam pillows (they are comfort snobs.)

Mike poured us some slushy Diet Pepsi's...

and I made our traditional V-Day dinner...breakfast.  Croissant french toast, cream, yummy fruit, bacon and fruit.  The kids talk about how they like it that I sprinkle candy on the table cloth.  It is funny how certain things just become traditions that they love.

Poor Freddy and his big old cyst.  We have had it drained, but because there is no way to put pressure on it, it fills up again with fluid. We have some needles, so I had Camille show me how to drain it. Now Bev and I do the job.

Bev really tried wrapping it up so that it wouldn't fill up again.  Fred is such a good boy...he just lets us do our thing and is so tolerant.  The bandage lasted about and hour and then came off.

Jessi loves watching home movies. Today she watched when we got engaged.  She loves watching the ones with her in them and the ones before she came to our family.

Febreeze is kept in the car because these athletes stink.  Bev got her soccer shoes out of her bag and went to town. Drew was in the back seat and she then tried to Febreeze him.

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