Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 - week 6

Christian loves earning money, and he also loves spending it. He has been wanting a kendama for a while so Mike took him to the mall to make all his dreams come true.  He plays it non stop.

We love our blankies around here.  Our others were getting shabby and I was at Costco and the kids are now in heaven with their new softies.

This sweet old boy is such a good dog.  When it's bath time, Mike calls him in the walk-in shower and he goes. Then he comes out and sits on his towel. He is a love.

Christian wanted to bring Charlie in carpool.  He then said it would be cool if there were a bring-your-cat-to-school day.  I agree.

Jessi is learning measurements, and darn that metric system. I had to make us a chart.

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