Sunday, March 8, 2015

2015 - week 4

No one can do homework or read a book or do a project without Charlie sitting on the homework or somehow otherwise getting involved.

Jessica's job is to brush Freddy.  He is a shedder.  It's a great job for her because she is good at jobs involving small details.  Also, she plans on making things with the hair.  She tries to save it in baggies.  I then throw away the baggies.  I am all about creativity, but I draw the line at dog hair crafts.

Christian wrote a paper on his love of steak.  He enjoys the flavor, the texture, how you can change the flavor with spices and sauces.  He also enjoys cooking the steak.  "I annoy my dad asking if it is defrosted yet. I like watching it marinate in the marinator."  He is such a carnivore.

For PTA, one of my responsibilities was to do the class t-shirts. It has been a big job.  I got the final shipment handed out to the rest of the classes.  I love some of the fun colors.

Christian's class chose Safety Orange.

She was "starving" after dance class and told me that she was "craving sushi."  She couldn't wait till we got home and broke it out in the car.

Jessica is learning measurement and I had to make this little chart for her (but mostly for me.)

I love baths. I also love good bubble bath.  I am also loving Blue Bloods on Netflix. On the other side of the tub is a Diet Pepsi.  This doesn't happen often enough.  Also, I am raising four kids that love bubble baths.  Our two tubs get lots of use.

Bev had "Colonial Day" at school.  The girls had to wear skirts. They had to do activities that did not involve technology. They had to go to bed early and rise early.  She made butter from cream and, out of boredom, did a puzzle.

Every weekend, Drew gets together with his Herriman friends.  Mike and I dropped him off for bowling and then went out ourselves. We then went back to get him and got to spy on them for a while.  Our date nights are scheduled around our kids' social activities and the dropping of and picking up.  Most weekends we end up with them at our place, but occasionally they go out.

Charlie interrupting Christian's reading in bed.

The kids trying to repair my drying rack.  They set up a tent city in the family room after church.

The weather was so nice after church, we had a kickball game at the park.

Life is busy and we don't always take time to play games.  We love it, we just don't always take the time.  One of my goals is for us to play more.

I have started a small jar collection of sand and rocks and shells from our travels. I love having little reminders of the fun places we have been.

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